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​​Cleanup Checklist for Your Mac

Have you noticed that your Mac works slower lately? Then answer the question: when did you clean up its storage last time? Most users cannot tell exactly or just surprise when they hear that a computer requires some attention from them. Yes, Mac devices are reliable and fast, but it’s quite important for users to keep them in good condition. Without proper care, your Mac will get clogged with unused files and apps, and over time, its performance will be decreased significantly. 

In this article, we have included a simple checkup list that will help you to clean up your computer successfully. We recommend cleaning up your device at least once per year, but if you can, it’s possible to do it more often to avoid many problems with the slow device. 

  1. Remove old and unnecessary applications. Check out all the apps you have on your computer. How many of them do you use often? How many of them do you rarely use? And now, how many of them you didn’t use last year? Find and delete all the unused programs from your device, and it will help to increase its performance!
  2. Reduce login items on the computer. Every time when your Mac launches, a list of programs starts automatically. Check out this list to delete unnecessary programs from the login. It will help to free up memory and make your computer work much faster and better. You should understand it doesn’t mean you just remove these programs, and you can launch them manually from your device just when you need them. 
  3. Delete icons from the desktop. How many files do you store on your desktop? We know that some users may have a pile of files there, but do you know that it affects the performance of your Mac in general? Check out all the icons and remove those you use not so often. Just keep these files in a particular folder or save them on the external drive. 

  1. Clean up the Downloads folder. All files, programs, and other documents you download on your Mac are saved in the Downloads. Over time, your computer gets overloaded with so many files. Just check out the folder regularly and remove unnecessary files and apps from there. You will notice that your device becomes faster and works better after this simple but very effective manipulation.
  2. Clean cache files from the device. These are temporary files saved on your computer to make it work faster. But over time, there can be too many cache files on your Mac, so they take up its space, making it work slower. Regular removal of these files will solve the problem of the low performance of your device. 
  3. Use just one cloud storage service. There are many various cloud storages where you can save your files, and we recommend using just one of them. When you use many, your device may have a pile of complex processes to manage between these services. Needless to say, it decreases its performance. Selecting one service is an optimal decision in this situation.
  4. Remove old backups. Of course, it’s a wise decision to make backups of your system regularly, but when you save all those files on the computer, it may get clogged over time. Feel free to remove old backups regularly to free up some space on your Mac and increase its speed. This is simple to do and doesn’t require a lot of time at all.
  5. Use reliable software to improve your computer’s speed. Nowadays, you can select from various programs that will check out your computer and find all the files you can remove to increase its performance. Just make sure you are downloading all the apps from a reliable source to avoid any computer viruses.

As you may see, it’s not so difficult to keep your Mac on its highest level of performance. If you need more tips on Mac cleaning, feel free to follow this link to read effective hints from professionals.  

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