Compress PDF – Make Your PDFs Smaller with Cometdocs

Nowadays we have a considerable variety of devices and platforms that allow us to create files in different formats and as a result, the need to manage and preserve this data has also increased. Cometdocs is known for offering a free online document management solution that has been chosen by millions of users. It offers a wide range of options to share, transfer and store your data. One of their most popular solutions is Compress PDF, an app designed to reduce the size of your PDF documents on your iOS or Android device. Many important documents are available in PDF format and in order to be able to save and share them effectively, compressing them might be the right answer. Cometdocs’ app is very easy to use and it lets you compress PDF documents very quickly. Here is more about the practical PDF compressor.


How does it work?

Compress PDF is designed with simplicity in mind. The steps are very simple and you can compress PDF documents from your mobile device, or from services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and Gmail. The interface is clean and straightforward and you can easily add a file by tapping the + sign that appears in the center of the screen. After tapping, you will be given the option to add files from your device, or from Dropbox and other cloud services. In the next screen, you will see the list of PDF files available. Once you select the document that you wish to compress, you can start the compression progress.

You have two options: choose free compression, which can take a few hours, or upgrade to get immediate compression for $4.99. This is a one time payment that will allow you to make sure that your files are compressed very quickly. It is worth considering if you have many PDF documents that you need to make smaller. The level of compression depends on the document and while in some cases the document is considerably compressed, in others, it is only slightly compressed.

In every case, the quality of the document is maintained. One thing to note is that the compression is performed on their servers to prevent the app from draining the battery, or affecting the device’s RAM or processor. The compressed file is downloaded into the app and deleted from the servers, once the process is completed. Compress PDF by Cometdocs is incredibly easy to use and if you opt for immediate compressions, you will enjoy an efficient solution to reduce the size of your files.


With Compress PDF, Cometdocs delivers a convenient solution to make PDF files smaller, which will allow you to share large documents without complications and to get more out of the storage capacity of your mobile device or preferred service. You will be able to reduce the size of PDF files to email them and with the immediate compression option you can get results in just a matter of seconds. If you don’t mind waiting, you can stick to the free compression, which is completed after one hour or more, depending on the document. Compress PDF focuses on file compression and it doesn’t feature a variety of options, but it fulfills its purpose in a remarkable way. When it comes to compressing PDF files, this app gets the job done with simplicity and high quality.

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