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Lack of sleep affects one’s daily activities and health. It keeps one’s mood sour and irritable which affects others as well. But, there are numerous ways to help improve one’s sleep like drinking warm milk, reading a book or even counting sheep. Unfortunately, not all these ways are effective for everyone and this could be frustrating.

However, there is one known effective tool that could work for everyone and that is the use of a cooling pillow. These pillows are known to be perfect in aiding your sleep and provide you a well-rested and comfortable sleep.

There are numerous types of cooling pillows whether you prefer small or large or no matter what sleeping position you are used to, there is a perfect cooling pillow for you. With this, we have listed the best cooling pillows that you could choose from depending on your budget, features, sizes and more.

1. Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

The best of best, Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow proves to be worth to be mentioned and placed on the first spot of this list.

This pillow comes with foam and covers or sheets that are both machine washable. Moreover, aside from it being easy to clean, the Coop Home is very safe with its mold, dust mite, mildew resistant and hypo-allergenic features.

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow is made of LULLTRA fabric which is a combination of viscose rayon and polyester that came from bamboo. It is thick and quilted which makes this pillow not only durable but also, it gives that feeling of coziness. Its design is breathable which gives cooling effect and it also has invisible zippers that could prevent irritation to its users. Furthermore, its invisible zipper keeps Coop’s foam in tacked inside. This way, the pillow itself will not sag whenever you add or remove its fill.

This pillow is adjustable in terms of filling its foam fill and these foam fills are easily found, available and sold in the market. It also comes in different sizes such as Standard, Queen and King. As for the price, this pillow could be on the pricey side but as we have mentioned earlier, this pillow is worth the price for the comfort it gives.

2. Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillows

Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillows are known for its high quality and eco- friendly materials that would definitely provide you that Zen spa like experience. This pillow comes with fresh and clean experience and it also gives its users ultra- comfort that you would enjoy specially if you just came home from a hectic and tiring day.

The Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow is also hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial as well. Its cover is created with chemical free jacquard bamboo and it is breathable, cooling and soft. It is easy to clean as it is machine washable and you will not have to worry about its looks or aesthetics as well as it is fade and stain resistant. This means, no matter how old your pillow is, it will always look new.

3. Urban Bloom Domus Pillow

This pillow is the most comfortable and coziest cooling pillow. It is elegant and attractive, but aside from that, this pillow is one of the most effective pillows that provides aid in giving you the most comfortable and well-rested sleep.

It is 5-inches thick and comes in queen size. It is one of the softest cooling pillows available in the market. It is also durable and could ensure you it would last for a very long time.

Urban Bloom Domus Pillow comes with an interchangeable foam that has thousands of ventilation holes. These holes are the ones that keeps you cool and comfortable. Its foam is also machine washable.

This pillow comes with 10-year warranty.

4. TruContour Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

TruContour Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam comes with dual sided cooling gel. It also has a medical grade memory foam that comes with multi-purpose functions such as the micro mesh gel side for cold transfer, honeycomb mesh and true cooling gel which transfers the heat away.

This pillow is also washable and it ensures it allows air flow for ventilation. Moreover, this pillow comes with a one- year warranty.

5. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands is hypoallergenic and comes with a cool gel side that provides cooling feeling as you sleep. It also has an open cell memory foam. It is permeable and breathable that helps one’s body climate regulated. As for its price, it is very reasonable and affordable.

This pillow comes with a three-year warranty and comes in a standard size.

6. Mellani Plush Gel-Fiber Filled Pillows

Mellani Plush Gel is not a memory foam pillow but it is an updated version of the normal classic type of pillow. It is 100 percent cotton and hypo-allergenic. Though it is similar to the classic type of pillow, Mellani provides a cooling feel with its gel fiber. It is easy to clean and could be washed through a machine.

This pillow comes in standard, queen, king and toddler sizes.

7. Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is best in relieving pressure and provides its users well-rested sleep. It also regulates the temperature of its gel and has one of best ventilation systems which allows the pillow to breathe even when in use.

Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam pillow is very soft and also works to relieve one from any joint pains. It is machine washable as well and very affordable.

This pillow comes with a three-year warranty.

8. Sleep Restoration Gusseted Gel Pillows

This pillow is an Amazon best seller. It is a pillow that provides maximum comfort and at the same time is very affordable. It is also stylish and gives a hotel comfort feel. Moreover, this pillow comes and has a no shift design which ensures its users a traditional pillow feel and at the same time has advanced features.

Sleep Restoration Gusseted Gel Pillow is made of 233 thread count, cotton and polyester. It is hypo-allergenic, chemical free, fading, dust mite, mold, stain and mildew resistant which one will appreciate especially to those who have sensitive skin.

Also, it is available in king and queen sizes and has a thirty-day guarantee.

9. Plixio Bamboo Cooling Shredded Foam Pillows

For those who sweat a lot during sleep, this pillow is best for you. It is dust mite, mildew and mold resistant and provides its users a cozy feeling. It is also a pillow that relieves any type of sleeping issues, chronic pain and has a cooling effect. It provides a rejuvenated feeling once you wake up and the pillow’s foam itself conforms to the shape of your neck and head.

This pillow comes in standard, queen and king sizes and has a two-year warranty.

10. CR Sleep Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow

This pillow is highly recommended for those who suffer from cervical pain. It comes with reversible contoured gel and memory foam. Moreover, it is made of non-toxic materials and is anti-microbial and allergen-resistant pillow.

This pillow could address sleeping issues such as;

  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Cervical pains

CR Sleep Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow is available in standard/queen size.

Buyer’s Guide in Purchasing Cooling Pillows

Aside from getting a good night, well-rested and high quality sleep from using a cooling pillow, there is another advantage in purchasing one and that is the medical benefits it provides. Moreover, here are other reasons why you should consider buying a cooling pillow:

  1. It could control temperature which means it provides cooling feeling and comfort to those who experience night sweats that are caused by menopause, medication, hormonal disorder or imbalance, etc.
  2. It address or aids in curing sleeping problems such as insomnia and the like.
  3. It cools or lowers your body temperature which helps you sleep easier.

What are cooling pillows made of?

There are numerous types of cooling pillows and are made of different materials. Each kind of cooling pillow has its advantages, disadvantages and provides different functions. Here are just some of the types of cooling pillows and what they are made of:

  1. Fiber Gel Pillows (1, 2, 6 and 8) – this type of pillow is made of synthetic materials and comes with a cooling gel. It provides cooling and breathable effect.
  2. Shredded Memory Foam (9) – made of shredded contouring foam and it conforms to the shape of your head.
  3. Gel Foam (5 & 7) – This is made of foam gel layer. It supports the head and neck. It also provides a cooling effect.
  4. Memory Foam (3, 4 &10) – a memory foam is also known as a contouring foam which follows the shape of your head. Aside from that it could also be used as a support of the cervical.

Though there are different types of cooling pillows, the manufacturers or creators have similar goal of providing their customers the following features:

  1. Cooling Feature – This is one of the most important features that all cooling pillows have. The cooling effect that these pillows release are absorbed and are transferred to one’s body. It is one feature that ensures a comfortable sleep.
  2. Adjustability – this is a feature wherein the pillow conforms to the shape of your head and It could adjust even when you change your sleeping position.
  3. Support – this is similar to adjustability. A cooling pillow should be able to support your neck and head and could conform to their shape. A very good example of this is the memory foam.

Best Type of Cooling Pillow According to Your Sleeping Position:

  1. Sleeping on your side – one great option would be foam as it is firm enough to be able to support your spine
  2. Sleeping on your stomach – a synthetic or fiber made pillow is highly recommended for you since it could provide you support even without having to angle your head.
  3. Sleeping on your back – Foam is best for this position as it is firm to be able to support your head and at the same time could provide elevation.

Cleaning Your Cooling Pillow

For hygienic purposes, pillows should be regularly cleaned and when purchasing a cooling pillow, it is important to check its instructions on how to clean it. Is your cooling pillow machine washable? Or would you need to hand wash it?

Hypo-allergenic and microbial resistance

Some users are very sensitive and this could be addressed by pillows that are hypo-allergenic and dust mites and allergen free.

These pillows help relieve symptoms of itching that are caused by allergic reactions, eczema, swelling, skin irritations brought about by a normal regular pillow.


Though there are numerous types of cooling pillows sold in the market and choosing one could be difficult and confusing, through this article, we hope you will be able to choose the best cooling pillow that would suit and help your sleeping problems and difficulties.

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