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Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaners Comparison: Dyson DC35 VS Hoover Linx and Rowenta Delta Force

Cordless upright vacuum cleaners offer many advantages including the simple fact that you won;t have to deal with a long cord getting wrapped around the furniture, which can be very annoying. Additionally, you can vacuum faster (particularly in big homes) since you won’t have to stop to plug again the power cord when you move from one area to another.

Another benefit of using cordless vacuum cleaners is that in most cases, they are bagless and use a detachable dirt collection chamber instead. This can be easily emptied whenever needed and since you won’t need to buy replacement bags, you will save money. Furthermore, this type of cleaners don’t require replacement filters since their filters can be cleaned after use.

Apart from offering convenience and helping you to save money in the long run, cordless vacuums also offer a lightweight and sleek design. They are easier to manage than corded cleaners and allow you to vacuum without a lot of effort. When it comes to price, it is possible to find units for less than $50. However, it is important to choose a model with powerful batteries and strong suction power. This normally means that you need to invest in a more expensive model to get better quality and the same powerful performance that the best corded models offer.

We will focus on comparing the Dyson DC35, the Rowenta Delta Force and the Hoover Linx. These cordless stick vacuum cleaners are some of the most popular options in the market and they are top sellers in Amazon. The offer convenient features, high quality and powerful rechargeable batteries. These units also stand out for their cyclonic technology, which operates at incredible speeds, removing dust, dirt and pet hair effectively.

In order to help you choose the best cordless upright vacuum cleaner for your needs, we will outline their features and compare them. The below table offers an overview of the differences between the Dyson D35, the Hoover Linx and the Rowenta Delta Force.


  1. The three vacuums are suitable for cleaning all floor types including wood, tile, vinyl and carpet.
  2. The information about the charging time and battery life is based on details from Amazon.
  3. The 180 degree swivel feature allows users to manage the unit easily, moving it around areas that are difficult to reach. While the Hoover Linx doesn’t have the 180 degree swivel option, it features a narrow base that also lets you maneuver through small areas.
  4. The Customer rating and prices may vary so it is advisable to check Amazon for updates.

Dyson D35

This cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner features Dyson’s unique Root cyclonic technology, which provides incredible suction power. This Digital Slim vacuum cleaner is a light weight unit and for many, it is the most powerful cordless model that you can get. It does a great job at cleaning all floor types, it is fast, flexible and suitable for cleaning car interior, stairs and fabric furniture. The D35 comes with two kinds of brushes that suit different tasks. The ultra-fine conductive carbon fiber brushes get rid of all dust from hard floors, while the rotating nylon bristles are capable of removing dirt from carpets. The 44 inch tall D35 weights less than 5 lbs and runs a rechargeable 22.2-Volt lithium-ion battery.

Other convenient features include a docking station that allows you to store and recharge the unit when it is not being used. The dual power mode gives you the possibility of choosing between 15 minutes of continuous high suction or 6 minutes of maximum suction power for the most challenging cleaning tasks. There is also a crevice tool for detailed cleaning in small spaces. The detachable long-reach lightweight aluminum wand will help you to clean spaces that are difficult to reach. Since the dirt bin is transparent, you can see when it needs to be emptied. The long-life filter can be washed and the unit comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Hoover Linx

Hoover is a well-known name in the world of vacuum cleaners and they offer an exclusive WindTunnel cyclonic cleaning core as part of their Hoover Linx cordless and bagless stick vacuum cleaner. This model has three powerful rotating brushes and three suction tunnels designed to lift and collect dirt effectively. The power brushes can remove dirt even in thick plush carpets and there is a practical one-touch switch on the handle that allows you to turn off the brushroll so that you can easily move the unit from carpets to hard floor areas.

The Linx is a lightweight unit (Just over 7 lbs) that is 42-inch tall and it comes with a rechargeable 18-volt lithium-ion battery. You can expect impressive power even when the battery is nearly empty. The fuel gauge in the battery will let you know the amount of battery life that is left and the charger included powers up the battery to full charge in a shortwhile.

Other convenient features of the Hoover Linx are the edge cleaning bristles that provide optimal cleaning results for corners and baseboards. The unit also comes with soft rear wheels, a reclining comfort grip handle that to clean under furniture without hassle and automatic height adjustment. The filter is washable and doesn’t require replacement and the bottom release dirt cup allows you to see when it is time to empty it. The Linx is easy to store as it stands upright on its own. This cleaner is covered with a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Rowenta Delta Force

The exclusive cyclonic technology of the Rowenta Delta Force and its motorized cleaning head are a powerful combination that allows you to pick up dust on hard floors with impressive efficiency. This convenient model is 47 inch tall and weights 7.5 lbs so you can easily manage it. It is a great solution for all types of floors including rugs and carpets, thanks to its motorized brushes. The Delta Force uses a rechargeable 18-Volt nickel-cadmium battery and with its 180 degrees swivel-triangle head, you will be able to clean corners and around edges easily and precisely.

The Delta Force also features an extra-large loop handle with soft touch and practical controls. You can choose between three speed control positions for different tasks. The unit comes with a large capacity dirt bin, washable filter that doesn’t need to be replaced and it is available in three different colors: red, silver and beige. The limited manufacturer’s warranty cover the unit for 1 year. You will find the Rowenta Delta Force under two product IDs: RH8548 and RH8552. Both offer the same features,

Which cordless vacuum cleaner should you get?

All the units listed above are powerful and offer advanced cyclonic technology and rechargeable batteries. This combination of features allows them to clean effectively all types of floors. The Dyson D35 takes the lead when it comes to battery, because it uses a 22.V while the other two vacuums are powered by 18V batteries. It also offers a boosting function that provides stronger suction power for cleaning difficult areas. However, it has the shortest battery life as it only runs for 15 minutes with full batter and uses just 6 minutes when power boosting is in use. This contrasts with the 20 minutes run time of the Hoover Link and the 40 minutes of Rowenta Delta Force.

When it comes to cordless devices of any kind, battery life is a crucial aspect. The Rowenta Delta Force uses Nickel-cadmium batteries, which work better in cold weather and have last almost twice than lithium-ion batteries. Generally, the lifespan of the nickel-cadmium batteries us 7 yo 8 years, while the lithium-ion batteries last only 3 to 5 years. However, lithium-ion batteries are more powerful and are smaller than Nickel-cadmium ones.

Additionally, nickel-cadmium batteries are more likely to be affected for what is known as the memory effect. This means that the battery would gradually lose its maximum energy capacity if they are recharged repeatedly after being just partially discharged. It is called the memory effect because the batteries seem to “remember” the smaller capacity. There are batteries that are not vulnerable to this issue and they are called fade-free batteries. To prevent the memory effect, you should fully charge the battery and then discharge it at least once every tow to three weeks.

Both battery types have advantages and downsides so it is not possible to establish which one is the best option. The choice in regards to the vacuum cleaner depends on what you are looking for. If you prefer a unit that is lightweight and powerful at the same time, the Dyson D35 would be the right choice. Apart from being the lightest option of all, it easily turns into a handheld unit so you can clean car interiors, shelves and upholstery without hassle.

However, if price is the most important aspect for you, it should be noted that the D35 is also the most expensive model. You can still get great quality for less with the Rowenta Delta Force and the Hoover Linx. In the end, the choice depends on what features are more useful for you and what unit adjusts better to your needs. If you are looking for a considerably more powerful option and don’t mind paying a higher price, you can also opt for the Hoover Air cordless.

This is a bagless, upright vacuum cleaner that allows you to vacuum easily around features and its dirt cup (which can be emptied and cleaned easily) has a capacity of up to 1.05 liters. It comes with LED headlights that allow you to easily see the dirt and determine where you need to clean. The filter can be removed and cleaned without hassle. The dusting and crevice tool will allow you to clean special surfaces including vents and furniture. There is also a pivoting dusting tool that will enable you to clean areas that are difficult to reach. The Hoover Air provides over 50 minutes of cordless power, weights less than 10 lbs and comes with 5-years warranty, which is quite impressive.

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