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How to create a playlist on your iPhone or iPad

Music can energize us and improve our mood. Whether you like different types of music, or prefer a specific genre, it is likely that your music library has a variety of songs that may include Classical pieces, Pop hits and Rock tunes. If you have an extensive music library, it is a good idea to organize your songs so that you can easily find what you want to play at a specific moment.

A playlist is a convenient way to bring your songs together. Creating multiple playlists will allow you get a selection of songs that are perfect for a party, for studying, exercising and more. You can create playlists based in music genre, mood, artists and many other categories. Once you select the songs and set up a playlist, you can get easy access to the specific music that you want to listen to at a given time. Following the below easy steps will allow you to create playlists on your iOS device.

Creating a playlist

It is possible to create playlists directly on your device or from iTunes on your computer. Here, we will focus on the process required to create a playlist on your iPad or iPhone.

  1. Open the Music app and tap the Playlists icon that appears at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see this icon, select More and then Playlists.
  2. Tap on Add Playlists. You will see a window where you can enter the name that you want to use for your new playlist. Once you have entered the name of your playlist, you can tap Save.
  3. Next, the list of songs on your device will be displayed in alphabetical order. You can tap the songs to add them automatically to the playlist.
  4. Once you add all the songs that you want to include in the playlist, select Done in the top right corner of the window. The playlists that you have created will be available in the main Playlists window.

When your playlist is ready, you will be able to listen to the songs included by tapping in the playlist. This will open it and you will be able to select a song. Playback will go through all the songs included in that playlist.

How to edit a playlist

If you want to make changes to a playlist (for instance adding more songs or removing songs), you can select the right option, after opening the playlist. You will have the option to Clear, Edit or Delete the Playlist. These three buttons will appear once you open the playlist on your iDevice. If you choose Clear, all the songs will be removed from the playlist. Delete will remove the playlist from your device and if you select Edit, you will be able to add, delete or change the order of the songs in the playlist.

You can add songs by tapping the “+” button that appears in the top left corner and if you want to delete song, you simply need to tap the “-” button that appears on the left of the song’s title. Don’t worry, if you delete from a playlist, it won’t be removed from the device. To organize the songs in the list, drag the three gray bars that you will see on the right side of the tittle of the song.

You can use pretty much the same steps to edit a playlist in your iPhone or iPad. The Add Songs option will appear when you open a playlist on your iPad. To delete a song, you can select the “-” button that appears on the left of the title of the song. The gray bars on the right of the song title will allow you to change the order of the songs in the playlist. In order to delete a playlist from your iPad, you will need to tap Done to close the playlist. This will send you back to the main playlist window. Then, you will need to tap and hold your finger on the playlist icon until you see an “X” at the top left corner. When you tap the “X”, the playlist will be deleted from the device. All the playlists that you create on your iPhone or iPad, will be automatically synced to your computer when the device is synced to iTunes.

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