How CRM Software Can Help Increase Buy-in From Sales Reps During COVID-19

Over just a few short months time, COIVD-19 has changed the world in countless ways. Businesses large and small have faced devastating drops in sales, issues with sourcing products, and a struggle to find their place in this new way of life. Experts predict that more than 15,000 retail stores will permanently close as a result of the virus. That isn’t even accounting for business’ that lack a storefront that could close as a result.

Staying afloat has largely meant finding new ways to reach customers. For many companies, the burden of finding new ways to connect with customers and land sales during a financially unstable time has fallen largely on the shoulders of sales reps.

But with an uncertain future and a business world that’s been changes in so many ways, finding ways to connect with customers has never been harder.

If you’re looking for tools to help increase buy-ins from sales reps during COVID-19, keep reading to learn how CRM software can help you do just that.

Invest in CRM Software to Improve the Sales Process

Global pandemic or not, the most important part of landing sales is creating a meaningful connection with customers as you guide them through from first impression to the final sale–and hopefully, repeat sales down the line.

But unless your industry sells ultra-high-priced items to just a few select customers, the biggest challenge that sales reps face is juggling many different customers all at once, each one of which is at a different step in that essential sales process. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this common problem.

CRM software allows reps to carefully track each individual customer to improve their interactions. From a business standpoint, this software is also a vital tool for finding the strengths and weaknesses in that sales process. As changes large and small, like COVID-19 or even a new product announcement, occur, CRM software can be used to make adjustments to the sales approach and process to help businesses and reps better connect with their customer base.

Encourage Risk-Taking Through Understandable Data

COVID-19 has changed how customers interact with businesses in nearly every industry. While some of these changes might eventually fade, there will no doubt be lasting, long-term effects. 

Sales reps, and especially those who have been selling the same types of products or working for the same company for a long time, often fall into the trap of complacency. They rely heavily on the same tactics that have given them success in the past, even if those processes are no longer as effective as they once were.

Encouraging sales reps to take a chance and try new tactics can be a challenge. To overcome this, it’s important to present understandable data, such as that you’ll find in InforCRM programs offered by CustomerFX. Having real, usable data, as well as a way to gauge the success of new sales tactics, can help give sales reps in a variety of industries the confidence that they need to succeed during this difficult time.

Putting CRM Software to the Test

By giving sales reps and businesses at large a way to test their strategies, improve their customer interactions, and get real, usable, understandable feedback, CRM software can help companies in any industry adapt to the changes and challenges brought on by the spread of the coronavirus. Whether you’re a small business coping with closures or a larger corporation facing devestating sales losses or new operation requirements, CRM software is an investment not only in your employees, but in your customers and your ability to serve them as well.

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