The 9 Cryptocurrencies You Should Be Investing In- Points To Note

There are various options for cryptocurrencies available in the market now. If you are beginning with your investments in cryptocurrency, you will surely want to know the best options to keep your trust. Various options like Tether, Dogecoin, Ethereum and many others offer huge profits to their customers. Hence, you should choose the best options. Below are the best 9 cryptocurrencies which you can go for.

  1. Bitcoin:

Bitcoin was first created in 2009 by the legend Satoshi Nakamoto. When we talk about Bitcoins, the world-famous cryptocurrency runs in a blockchain like the other options of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is always kept safe from fraudsters. The transactions get distributed among various computers. The bitcoin price has increased rapidly, and thus it has become one of the most common names in the cryptocurrency market.

  1. Ethereum:

Because of the amazingly potential application, Ethereum has become one of the most popular options you can purchase. This also works with the blockchain platform. With the smartest contracts, you will have the best chance of getting wonderful profits from your investments. The growth of this cryptocurrency is a concern. Since 2016, it has been drastically uplifting in price and thus generated amazing profit for the customers with this option. 

  1. Tether:

If you are searching for the most stable options for cryptocurrencies, then Tether can also be considered one of the best options that you can go for. It is backed by different fiat currencies like Euro and dollar, and most of the time, it also keeps the value equivalent to these options. This cryptocurrency’s value is consistent throughout; thus, it has become one of the most trustworthy options for investors. If you want assured profit, you can take the help of the bitql.cloud.

  1. Binance Coin:

This option of cryptocurrency came into the market in 2017, and very rapidly, this option has grown in the market. It can be used for payments, booking arrangements for travel, and trading now. It can be exchanged or traded with cryptocurrency options like bitcoin or Ethereum. The price of this cryptocurrency, in the beginning, was $10 only. It has grown to $413, which is surely a rapid growth.

  1. XRP:

Ripple, one of the best payment processing companies, has brought this cryptocurrency into the market. This network is now used for exchanging various currencies, including fiat currencies and other most popular and major cryptocurrencies. Within just five years, cryptocurrency’s price has grown to 12600%. 

  1. Terra:

If you are thinking of investing on a stable cryptocurrency option which can keep the best balance among different major cryptocurrencies, then Terra can be a very lucrative option for investment. Luna and Terra stablecoins work together, and when the price of the Terra falls somehow, the users can use their Terra coins to purchase more Luna.

  1. Cardano:

Carnado stepped into the cryptocurrency market later but has become a good option for your investment within a short period because of good quality validation. This process expedites the transaction time. This cryptocurrency has got very modest growth within a very short time. This has grown by almost 4850% within just the last four years. 

  1. Solana:

This cryptocurrency was developed for helping power decentralized finance, but it is now used as the best cryptocurrency option because of the proof of history and proof of stake mechanism. In this way, this cryptocurrency is very much useful for quick and smooth transactions. This was launched in 2022, and within just two years, it has a huge growth of 13000%.

  1. Polkadot:

This cryptocurrency option came into the market in 2016, and within years this has grown substantially. It also allows for processing transactions and exchanging data. This helps create a parallel blockchain without compromising the platform’s security. You can create your blockchains when you are using Polkadot security.


Cryptocurrency is one of finest and lucrative investment options for the financial investors. If you are beginning with your investments,you will surely want to know the best platforms to get the best profits after investments. These platforms are trustworthy and can help you make your investment successful. So, what makes you wait? Start your Bitcoin investment journey and make the most out of your effort.

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