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Customizing Galaxy S4 Lock screen

Though most Galaxy S4 users get to know some tricks and how to customize their phones through experience of using their phones and experimentation, it would be grand to learn more through videos and reading articles such as this.

Through this article, you will learn how to customize your lock screens and they are through the following options and steps:

First, you will have to go to the settings by pressing the apps icon found on your lower right of your screen. Then press the settings icon then press My device. On top of the next screen, you will see the Lock screen icon and press that too. Once you’ve seen your active lock screen on the top of your screen, press it and you will be provided a complete list of lock screens that are available.

The list of lock screens provided in Galaxy S4 usually could be customized and they are the following:

1. Swipe Lock Screen

a. Multiple Widgets- this option gives you more than one widget. Once you choose this option and unlock your screen, you will see multiple or more than one widgets.

b. Lock screen widgets- this would show apps that you usually use and camera on the lock screen depending on your choice and need or you could also choose between messages or clock seen on your lock screen.

2. Face unlock

Through this feature, you will need to set up face recognition to unlock your phone. In case your phone cannot recognize your face for some reason like you’ve changed your hair or you’ve grown a beard, you could still unlock your phone through another code where you will need to set up as well for back up.

3. Face and voice

Similar to face unlock feature, the face and voice feature is the same but you will need to speak as well and your phone will need to recognize your voice before it allows you to access your phone.

If you choose this option though, you have to be cautious as your face could be easily recognized through your picture and your voice could be recorded and played in front of your phone.

4. Pattern

This option is more secured than those featured above. To start using this option, you will need to draw a pattern on your phone screen and it shall be your code to unlock your phone. In case you forget your pattern, this option requires you to have another password which you could use as an alternate passcode.

5. Pin

This feature is like the sim feature where you will have to input a four digit number to unlock your phone. This option is also secured as long as you don’t create combinations such as 1234.

6. Password

This option is the most secured option as you will have to create a password with 4 to 16 letters or numbers or combination. This is the hardest to guess to unlock your phone is highly recommended.

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