Das Keyboard unveils first cloud-connected intelligent keyboard on Kickstarter

Das Keyboard has unveiled its latest high-performance mechanical keyboards with the introduction of Das Keyboard 5Q on Kickstarter. The smart keyboard has been designed with groundbreaking software and electronics, it is cloud-enabled, has an open API, is RGB mechanical that enables users to stream information from the internet directly to their keyboard and has color code keys that represent specific information. The 5Q keyboard basically transforms keyboards from traditional input-only device to an output device.

Using this keyboard, you can program Letter E to flash blue when you are outbid on eBay or even have the enter button blink when your website goes down. They API that the keyboard uses is called Q and connect with multiple data source. You can easily create a programmer’s layout that will notify you of build error. You also can set different email notification to various keys so that when your boss emails, a particular key can glow red.

Daniel Guermeur, the founder, and CEO of Das Keyboard noted that this keyboard enables users to customize animation patterns and color of every key, based on specific information they want to keep tabs on within a certain time frame. He further notes that once someone test drives this keyboard, they will never want an input-only keyboard again.

Additional features of the keyboard include

  • New Gamma-Zulu mechanical switch developed by Das Keyboard, and Omron. It has a 1.5mm actuation point and can withstand 100 million actuation. It is also 100% more durable than standard mechanical switches.
  • Has extra bright RGB backlighting system with RGB + Electronics, ultra-clear light guide and surface-mount LEDs diffracting lens, making it far brighter than other RGB keyboards
  • Has a Q button for activating the Das Keyboard Q software, the button also serves as a volume knob
  • Real-time One analog technology that detects a key press in 0.4 milliseconds, and reports it to the computer in 1 millisecond. This makes it 45 times faster than other keyboards.
  • Has Desktop REST API that controls the Das Keyboard 5Q light setting

Das Keyboard hopes to reach $100,000 pledges in 5Q crowd funding on Kickstarter. Currently, they are past $47,000. Early units are expected to go for $109 and $189 for blank keycaps. The company plans to start shipping in January.


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