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3D printing gives us freedom to be creative in making gifts: an animated transformer birthday cake

3D printing is a great technology that enables real breakthrough in many high-tech industries and empowers many startupers, entrepreneurs and even big corporations, but it’s also about freedom to be creative, to underline one’s individuality, even in the way you make gifts. It is one thing to go to the store and buy something that thousands of other people have already bought, the amount of affection usually measured by how much money you’ve spent, but it is an altogether different when you’ve made something completely new, something exclusive, something that you know would suit the person’s fancy, something you’ve put your soul into. All this is now easier than ever because 3D Printing changes the way people make things real, whether it’s about creating a customized photo rig for a drone, bionic hand like those Limbitless do, or devising a creative present for someone.

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Having decided to make their son’s dreams come true, Youtuber Russell Munro (AKA Russelmunro) and his wife recently went through the process of devising and creating a Transformers-themed animated birthday cake staring none other than Optimus Prime himself.

In order to make this idea come true, Munro has printed out three separate supports for the cake on his FDM 3D printer. And although it is thanks to gears that the cake actually moves, the supports feature wings designed for supporting the cake to insure uncompromised performance.

Unsurprisingly, their son was barely able to contain his excitement, as were the rest of the people in the room, kids and adults alike.

This is yet another example of 3D printing encouraging people to create experiences of their own rather than being dependant on mass manufactured ones with the standard design, even when we’re talking about a product make of flour, water, sugar and eggs.

The animated platform without the cake:

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