Best Early Access Games

Over the last few years, Steam’s Early Access program has evolved and it now allows gamers to take part on on the development process. It is possible to play games that are being developed, by paying a discounted price. This gives you the chance to discover new games and play them before anyone else, and you can also provide feedback to the developers to make sure that the game reaches the best possible quality. There is a high number of Early Access games available, so you may be wondering which ones are actually worth trying. After checking the Early Access games that you can find on Steam, we have prepared a list of the best options. While these games are not fully developed, playing them offers an interesting chance to get involved with the games during the development stage. Here are the options that definitely deserve to be checked out.

Deep Rock Galactic

In Deep Rock Galactic you play as part of a galactic mining team that has to dig, explore and fight its way through large cave systems that have been procedurally generated. You need to be very careful as these caves are filled with strange, ruthless enemies that want to eat you. Deep Rock Galactic is a four-player co-op game that gives you the chance to play and hunt down amazing materials with friends.

There are four unique classes available and each player is capable of making a special contribution to the success of the team. Balance is crucial in Deep Rock Galactic, but you can use diverse skills to move ahead in the game. The best part of the game starts when you complete your goal and have a limited amount of time to go back to your ship. The caves become more difficult as you advance within the game. In order to survive, communication is essential so make sure that you stay in touch with your teammates to discuss your strategy.

Worlds Adrift

In this game, you need to explore a world that features floating islands and compete with other players who ware also looking for resources and ways to improve your own sky ship. There are many different materials available, and they all come with benefits and downsides that will have an impact on your ship. Designing your ship is a big part of what you need to do in this game. You get essential pre-set shapes, but overall, the design is completely in your control. It is possible to adjust the frame using in-game 3D modelling software before you use resources to shape it.

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 is designed to capture the fun and thrilling adventure of legendary competitive games, but it focuses on simplifying mechanics. If you love games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, but want something that is simple, Battalion 1944 would be the right choice. This game uses 5v5 PvP-focused infantry combat, but tactical thinking is also rewarded. You won’t come across kill streak bonuses or rewards fro run-and-gun style gameplay. You can provide cover fire for other players in your team, but it is crucial that you also watch your back when you fight against players in skill-based combat. There are many game modes available, including Early Access, Wartide, which is a game mode that focuses on weapons.

Vierzehn Tage

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm, but many will be surprised to know that it is actually not a complete game. Although the Battle Royale mode is without a doubt, one of the most popular games available, technically, it is still in Early Access. Many players are obsessed with Fortnite and even those who haven’t played it yet, have probably heard of it. In Battle Royale, you compete against other players in an open world where you will need to find weapons and craft wall, stairs and traps in order to survive. Battle Royale is an innovative and remarkable addition to the limited-time game mode and it keeps things exciting.

Hunt: Showdown

Once you try Hunt: Showdown, you will realize that this game is not like anything else you have played before. The game takes place in the Louisiana swamp, which proves to be a chilling setting. You take on the role of a bounty hunter that has to get rid of the evil creatures that lurk around. You will find a variety of terrifying and ruthless monsters, and then you will have to face an even worse evil, known as the “boss”. If you manage to destroy the creature and escape, you will get XP and will be able to upgrade your weapons. However, if you are not successful and get killed in the game, you will lose your character, as well as your gear. Apart from having to defeat gruesome creatures, you also need to face other teams of online players. They are also trying to destro the same monster, but you have to snatch the victory form them.


In Astroneer, you will need to put your survival skills to the test as you explore the outer space. The game takes place during the 25th-century gold rush and players will need to explore the far corners of outer space, putting their lives in danger in order to mine rare and valuable resources. Building equipment is also essential in order to survive. You will get a gun that is capable of modifying the shape of the environment. It is also possible to carve caves into mountains and ground of the beautiful procedurally-generated planets that you explore. Creating multi-function vehicles and building a new rocket to travel between planets and moons is also required, you just need to make sure that you get enough fuel to go back. The highlight of Astroneer is probably the fact that there is a 4-player drop-in/out co-op that allows your friends to join your game quickly and easily and stay in your company as you explore. Ne features will be introduced in the near future as well, including base building and new terrains. The stunning visuals and unique gameplay make Astroneer an option that you shouldn’t miss.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Superhot is another option that deserves to be considered. It is available in standard and VR form and the idea of the game is that time only moves when you do, which allows for some unique moments. You will feel like in the Matrix as you will be able to bend time to stop bullets. Although the original game is not available for sale, you can get the Superhot: Mind Control Delete expansion that allows you to face unique slow-motion challenges and unlock even more powerful abilities and characters. You will also find brand-new gameplay systems that will improve on the original Superhot game. Since it is at Early Access stage, there are only a few levels available and a few bugs can be expected.

They are Billions

The possibility of a zombie apocalypse is one of the scariest things to imagine. This games allows you to see what it would be like, without actually experiencing, but it still is a frightening scenario in which you need to use your strategic skills to survive. In They are Billions, you need to defend humans from hordes of infected zombies. You can do this by building defenses and managing the colonies of humans. However, there are (as the game states), billions of zombies ready to attack. If the game feels too stressful, you can use the pause button to make the best strategic decisions. The game is divided in two: a campaign and a survival mode. The latter is available in Early Access at the moment.

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