Best scanner apps for Android

Thanks to mobile apps, we have been able to increase our productivity. There are apps that facilitate collaboration, apps that help us to stay on top of our daily tasks and many other solutions that make our lives easier. One of the most practical options available are scanner apps, which allow us to scan a variety of documents, no matter where we are. Although scanner apps don’t offer the same quality of a real scanner, they get the job done and offer a good alternative. Scanner apps are very practical and here we will find a list of the best ones available.


With ScanBot, you can scan documents with superior quality so you can get results that are pretty close or even the same as what you get with a desktop scanner. You can use ScanBot to scan any kind of document. Invoices, business cards, tickets, no matter what kind of document you are trying to scan, ScanBot will be there to help. After scanning a document, it is possible to add notes or sign it. The images can be saved to Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and more. ScanBot also gives you the possibility of sharing the documents.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan offers advanced technology including smart page detection and multiple improvements for high quality scans. A3, A4, A5 and Letter are some of the layouts supported and the app also allows you to back up and restore scan data. PDF and JPG scans allow you to perform multiple scans. The Plus version of the app lets you export data to One Drive, Dropbox, Box and other cloud storage services. The user friendly interface and the variety of features are some of the reasons why Genius Scan is one of the best options available.


Considered by many as the best scanner app available, CamScanner is a good alternative thanks to the fact that it allows you to scan documents, business cards, receipts, notes on whiteboard, paperwork, ID cards and much more. With CamScanner, you can improve scans, add notes and extract text from images. The app also supports collaboration features and it works with the most popular platforms, which facilitates syncing across different devices. The search function is very practical and allows you to find past documents easily. CamScanner also supports Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and other cloud storage solutions.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft needs no introduction and its scanner app is a good example of the quality that this technology giant aims to offer. Office Lens keeps things simple, but it is a versatile solution that can handle different types of documents. After scanning a document, the apps makes the necessary corrections to ensure that you get the best results. You can save the scans in Word, PDF or Powerpoint file formats. They can be saved in OneDrive or OneNote. You can also extract texts from images and look for texts in images. Office Lens is completely free and it is one of the most convenient scanner apps available.


TurboScan comes with the scanner features that you would expect from an app of its kind, but there is something else about it that makes it stand out from other solutions. The SureScan3x feature captures three photos of the same page, allowing you to get better results. In addition, all the scans can be emailed to your account automatically and different page layouts including Legal, A4, receipt and business cards, are supported. With TurboScan, you can also save the features of the app in PDF, JPG, PNG and other formats. TurboScan supports Cloud Print and automatic correction of scans. Just keep in mind that the free version also allows you to scan up to 5 documents so you are better off getting the paid edition.

Mobile Doc Scanner

There is a Lite (free) version of Mobile Doc Scanner, as well as a full one that comes with a lot of fantastic features such as Batch mode. This is a great solution to increase productivity as you can easily and quickly scan multiple documents. There are some great gestures that let you navigate the app without issues. The new camera2 APi is included, which is set to deliver scans with better quality. Mobile Doc Scanner supports multiple layouts including Tabloid, A3, A4, B5, Letter, Legal and Business Card. Mobile Doc Scanner is also known as MD Scanner and it works with major cloud storage services, enabling you to save your scan files without issues.

Handy Scanner

Handy Scanner supports a wide range of features and it comes with some fantastic advanced filters that will ensure that you get the best results. The Batch Scan support lets you scan multiple documents, no matter where you are. The app supports multiple layouts such as A3, Letter and Executive. There are also practical backup and restore features available that enable you to upload your scanned documents or photos to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and more. The free version places some limits on the amount of camera shots per document, but the Pro version removes this limits and offers better quality scans.

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