Best third-party keyboard apps for iOS

Although Apple is recognized for the innovative design of its products and advanced technology, when it comes to keyboards, Android has taken the lead. However, since it is possible to use third-party keyboard apps, iPad and iPhone users have many options available to try. Before we go through the list of the best third-party keyboard apps available, let’s take a look at why it is worth opting for a third-party solution instead of using the stock iOS keyboard.

Third-party keyboard vs stock iOS keyboard

The default iOS keyboard has changed over the years and it has evolved considerably since its original version. The most recent version offers a high quality keyboard with features like text prediction, auto-correct, emojis, support for multiple languages and force touch. With this function, the keyboard can be used as a trackpad that lets you move your cursor without hassle within the text. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you install third-party keyboard apps, it is important that you keep at least one stock keyboard option. Otherwise, you may experience some errors when you try to access the third-party keyboards. When you install third-party keyboard apps, make sure that you grant them full access. We also recommend you to avoid adding too many extra keyboards since it can be difficult to switch between them.

Best third-party keyboard apps


SwiftKey is considered by many as the best option when it comes to third-party keyboards for iOS. It features good text prediction capabilities and it supports a good variety of languages. You can enable two languages simultaneously and get fast access to emojis. SwiftKey is a smart solution that can adjust to your needs if you authorize it to learn from your Gmail, Twitter, RSS feed, SMS and more, in order to become more accurate.


This is Google’s new impressive keyboard app for iOS and it is an innovative solution that is worth considering. Thanks to this keyboard, you won’t need to move between apps to share links, GIFs, videos or other content. It integrates with Google search so you can easily look for images, articles, emojis and share them without having to leave the app. The keyboard also supports swipe, glide and it combines Google keyboard with Google Now’s functionality.

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to type faster, Fleksy is the keyboard that you need to try. It focuses on fast and accurate typing thanks to its amazing autocorrect function. Fleksy also supports themes, gestures, multiple keypad layout and it can detect the position sequences where your fingers are placed, instead of the letters that are actually pressed, meaning that it can predict the words you are meant to type, even if you press all the wrong letters.

Blink Keyboard

What makes Blink keyboard stand apart from other options is the fact that the keypad size can be adjusted to support one hand typing. It is also possible to split the keyboard to to the left and right and to have the numbers in the middle of the keyboard. Apart from being a practical one-handed keyboard, Blink allows you to insert quick text by simply pressing the space bar, you can also delete word by word quickly and take advantage of many other practical features.

TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal adds fun to typing and it offers a wide range of options that will allow you to adjust the keyboard to your own style. The features include customizable themes, over 800 emojis, autocorrect, as well as tapping and swiping input. You can also swipe up to open numbers, swipe down for symbols and swipe left to delete. TouchPal supports multiple languages.


This impressive keyboard extension offers many customization options and practical features. You can swipe the spacebar to move the cursor, then swipe to delete (add shift to delete forward), swipe up to the shift key to change font case and one-handed keypad mode. The most outstanding feature is the capacity to add and customize shorcuts to commonly used sentences such as onw (on my way) or brb (be roght back), as well as phone numbers that you often use.


Swype was created by Nuance, a company focused on speech recognition and it is designed to support swiping gestures to input text. Swype supports a wide variety of languages and it comes with a crowdsourced living language dictionary that is constantly expanding. Swype also features an animated theme and it is possible to get additional options by upgrading. You can add new words individually to your personal dictionary by simply tapping the new word from the word choice list. You can also remove words by tapping on it and selecting remove.

Keymoji: Emoji Keyboard

Keymoji by Literati Labs is ideal for emoji fans and it includes a vast selection of options that will help you to make your conversations unique. Keymoji collects emojis from multiple sources and new options are added regularly. Words can be translated into emojis in real time. This can ensure that you get access to emojis that can be used in any case. Keymoji also allows you to find out what is the meaning of an emoji if you are not sure about it.

MyScripStack – Handwriting Keyboard

MyScriptStack translates your handwriting into text. You can write down one or two first letters of the word you want to use and the app will try to predict it. It is possible to select one of the suggestions or continue writing to complete the word, if the app can’t predict it. MyScriptStack offers support for several languages and it also allows gestures such as space, backspace and return.

NinType Keyboard

NinType allows extra fast typing with its two-handed slide keyboard. You can get color letters, lines, calculator, suggestions, word prediction and many customization options. Although it may be a good choice for people who want many options, the vast amount of features can be overwhelming at times.

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