Electrolux Precision Brush-roll Clean Review  

At present, vacuums have made it in the long haul to the manifold technological advancement. Numerous appliances have been tested and reviewed by respected professionals. They’ve discovered the ones that get presented with the impact of adorability and they have also checked the crafts of the unpredictable.

Even more, its production continues to rise and the popular ones are designed vertically. Electrolux has joined in with the trend of the upright and their new appliance is expected to offer more. 

Produktbeschreibung & Eigenschaften

The Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean has managed to impress the consumers who beat the odds at testing this recently released product. Weighing over 17 pounds, the cleaning appliance is a combination of style, impressive features and stability. It’s colored with silver and is accented with orange.

It basically looks like a typical vacuum but you can definitely expect it to exceed an average vacuum’s performance. It doesn’t really have a swivel function for navigational purposes but it’s very friendly to operate. It handles multitasking fairly well.

You have the option to switch this vacuum’s modes into either carpet of bare floor. The carpet mode enables the brushing cleaning system whereas the bare floor doesn’t. It comes with a detachable filter and it is one heck of a vacuum wonder.

Pro und Kontra

The Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean’s design may not exude the modern aesthetics but it is durable and designed with efficiency. Many have found the brush roll cleaning technology as a favourable aspect to this cleaning device. Should there be any objects that get stuck by the brush, it has the feature to automatically send it to the bin with just the press of a lever.

All positivity aside, the Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean does have a downside and it fails in the aspect of maneuverability. It is recognizably heavy compared to the others that fall in the same category. And where mobility is concerned, limitations are usually well underway.


With a mid – range price tag, the Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean is actually a worthy appliance to those who are looking up to purchase it. It is efficient with the way it’s programmed and it also has extra features that make it count. The existence of the perfect vacuum may come off to be an ongoing journey but this appliance will make you feel that you’re a step closer to finding the perfect one.


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