Best Exif Viewers to read photo details without hassle

Exif is a set of data about pictures including the name of the owner of the camera, GPS coordinates, shutter speeds and more. The set of information is embedded into a photo taken by a digital camera. Exif gained notoriety in 2012, but it wasn’t exactly for the right reasons. It was used to locate and arrest John McAfee in Guatemala. Although Exif wasn’t designed as a tracking solution, we know now thanks to the information exposed by Edward Snowden, that the NSA is using many tools to collect data from users. Originally, Exif was intended as a solution to help to automatically tag and catalog pictures taken using high-end cameras. It only became an issue when mobile phones started including advanced cameras. Removing Exif information is very easy and you may even do it without noticing. In fact, making any type of change to a photo (that is not just renaming it), will get rid of all Exif data that it had. If you want to find out what information about you is contained in your photos, you can use the below applications to view Exif data.

Free Exif Viewer Browser Add-ons

Exify for Firefox

Firefox users can rely on this addon to find essential Exif data, if available. The data can be seen in a translucent later at the bottom of the image when you hover over it. You will only see information such as camera model, focal length, exposure time and aperture size. It allows you to easily check data about several photos because it is not necessary to right-click anything. Keep in min that Exify doesn’t work if a file from your hard drive has been opened in Firefox. You will need to upload an image to the internet so that it works as it should.

Exif Viewer for Chrome

This is another convenient browser addon, in this case, it is a solution that will allow Firefox users to access Exif information. Exif Viewer supports images on the hard drive opened in Chrome and also online images.

Free Online Exif Viewers

Find Exif

Find Exif is a practical online solution that has a simple, straightforward interface. It shows the location where the photo was taken in Google Maps widget, based on Exif data. It doesn’t support files from your hard drive and it is only capable of processing images hosted online.


VerExif gives you the chance, not only to see, but also to remove Exif data from a photo. It works well with local images, but in the case of remote images, they need to be publicly available. The downside is that it is not capable of processing photos larger than 5 MB.

Downloadable Software

Exit Data

Here is another option that lets you read local images and it supports Exif specification 2.3. You can edit some Exif fields marked as blue in the application’s interface. It is fairly simple and it doesn’t offer extra features. It is compatible with Windows.


This is an amazing photo organizer that stands apart thanks to the fact that it supports a feature known as Transfer, which allows you to rename several photos instantly. ExifPro is available for free and the installation process is simple. It also comes with an Exif viewing functionality. While the free version doesn’t have restrictions, you can register to support the developers. The software is compatible with Windows and it the registration costs $19.95.

Simple EXIF Viewer for Mac

Simple EXIF Viewer is focused on simplicity and its core function is to show Exif information from digital pictures. It doesn’t have any editing capacity, but it allows you to open files by drag&drop on the app icon or by using the open panel in the app itself. It is free and it works with Mac 10.6 and above.

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer comes with a lot of great features and its interface is easy to use. You just need to open any photo in the program, click twice on it and it will go into fullscreen. Then you can move the mouse cursor to the right side of the screen to see Exif data, if there is any. The downside is that this application is not able to edit or delete Exif data. It works with Windows and you can get it for free.

Free Exif Viewer Apps for Android & iOS

Exif Viewer


This is an easy to use app that displays Exif information on your photos and this app is capable of removing the Exif data. You can remove the Exif information and get confirmation of GPS information and Thumbnail data by List. It is possible to check the GPS information by Google Map.

Exif Wizard

Exif Wizard shows all Exif data from a photo in a format that can be easily understood. The app also gives you the possibility of using the native function of the iPhone’s Maps in order to get the address where the photo was taken, if there was GPS data available. This app works with iOS 7.0 or above.

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