How good is the Galaxy Note 5 camera? Galaxy Note 3 users will notice the difference

The Galaxy Note 5 is officially out and about, with one user now clutching the phone in his hands. He took some time to test the battery life alongside of its camera – and compared the Galaxy Note 5 camera with that of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 3. The results are as expected: stellar. You can see a small sample of the shots below. The photos are marked “S6” for Galaxy S6, “GN3” for “Galaxy Note 3,” and “GN5” for Galaxy Note 5, in case you’re wondering.

Galaxy S6 photo
Galaxy S6 photo
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note 3 photo
Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 5 photo

As you can see from the photos, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 look relatively similar (if not the same) with their 16MP images that were taken with an f/1.9 camera aperture that lets in more light than the Note 4’s camera aperture (f/2.4). When one observes the difference between the Galaxy Note 5 and the Note 3, however, the differences in camera quality become a bit clearer: the trees behind the burgundy van, blue car, and white trucks are dark and somewhat obscured in the Note 3. With the Galaxy Note 5, however, the same trees are now illuminated in the sun – which helps you to see the problem with the Note 3. As a result of the Galaxy Note 5 letting in more light, the vehicles are better illuminated in the Note 5 photo than in the Note 3 photo.

Member soul_justice says in the forum discussion that he ordered his Galaxy Note 5 but didn’t expect the FedEx box to arrive on his porch as quickly as it did. His previous Note was a Galaxy Note 3 before ordering the Note 5, so, like many Note 3 users, the Galaxy Note 5 is quite an upgrade. He’s answered some questions about battery life, which is a major concern for some interested buyers who worry about how the 3,000mAh battery will fare when the Quad HD display (1440p) is taken into account. Soul_justice says that he got 7.5 hours of on-screen time (SOT) on his Galaxy Note 5, with nearly 9 hours of battery life on a single charge. To find out more about his hands-on time with the Galaxy Note 5 so far, hit up the link below.


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