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How to Get “This PC” Icon on Your Desktop in Windows 10

When you install your Windows 10 on your desktop, you might have noticed the This PC icon is no longer there unlike the one that you have on your desktop. Though it is easy to remember how to bring your this PC icon on your Windows 7 PC, getting it back on Windows 10 could be a bit different. Hence, in this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to easily get This PC icon back.

What is This PC Icon

This PC icon is the same and functions as My Computer on other Windows versions. It allows you to browse through the resources which is used on your PC. Unfortunately, just as mentioned earlier, you might have a hard time looking for the mentioned icon. If you are experiencing this, you came to the right place.

How to Get “This PC” Icon on Your Desktop in Windows 10

Enable This PC shortcut

  • Right click the desktop
  • Select Personalize
  • In the Personalization option, select Themes
  • Select and click the Desktop icon
  • Once the window appears with your Desktop icon settings, select computer under desktop icons
  • Select apply changes
  • Press Ok

Once you have completed the steps provided above, your This PC icon will appear on your desktop. You could also try to check and enable icons like Recycle Bin, Control Panel, User Files and Network shortcuts from the same settings menu.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide on how to get This PC on your Windows 10 desktop.

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