So schalten Sie Instagram-Notizen aus oder stumm

Instagram has continuously been innovating and developing and one of the developments that Instagram has made is the Instagram Notes. The Instagram Notes is similar to Twitter Notes. Though Instagram Notes and Twitter Notes are quite the same, there are still some users that would like to get used to using this feature.

If it is your first time hearing about Instagram Notes, you came to the right place as through this article, you will learn new information about Instagram Notes and how to turn it off or mute it.

Instagram Notes could be accessed on your Instagram as soon as you update your app to the latest version. Then, check your notes options and on top of your message box.

Instagram Notes feature is loved and enjoyed by many. However, there are some users who equally are not a fan of the said feature and would like to get rid of it or mute it. Do not worry as this is possible. In fact, there two possible ways to do this.

How to Turn Off Instagram Notes

Mute Notes with In-app Settings

This method is done manually. By following the steps below, you will be able to mute notes forever on your inbox feed.

  • Launch Instagram app on your device
  • Swipe right. This will bring you to the message box
  • Press and hold on the person’s note of whom you would like to mute
  • Options such as mute note, report and view profile will appear
  • Select Mute Notes from the pop-up
  • Confirm by tapping Mute Notes again
  • If you have changed your mind, tap on the cancel option

Use Instagram Profile to Mute Notes Permanently

  • Go to the Instagram profile of the person you would like to mute notes.
  • Select the Following option and you will see multiple options such as add to favorites, mute, restrict and unfollow.
  • Tap on Mute option
  • Three options will appear – posts, story and notes
  • Toggle On the notes option to hide the notes feature posted

How to Get Rid of Instagram Notes Forever

  • Download Instagram Lite version of the app
  • Use Instagram app as it is and if you would wish to mute of Notes on Instagram, all you need to do is avoiding updating the latest version. However, if you have the latest version updated already on your device, just uninstall the existing app and re-install the previous version.
  • Also, you could use Instagram desktop app on your PC or laptop where the notes is not a feature.

Can I Turn Off Instagram Notes Feature?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Though this is the case, you could mute it. Keep in mind, however, muting it could only last up to 24 hours.


Though you could not completely turn off Instagram Notes on your device, you could mute it through the two methods provided above. You could also use older version of Instagram.

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