OnePlus 3 launch event set for June 14th

OnePlus has been trying to build recognition and hype for its smartphone lineup, and the company’s “flagship killer” in the OnePlus 2 was strictly for marketing purposes (how can it be a flagship killer without NFC?) alongside of its anti-Samsung “TakeTheEdgeOff” Twitter campaign. Well, we’ve been seeing the specs for the OnePlus 3 creep up on social media, with a 5.5-inch, Full HD display and Snapdragon 820 processor rumored for the device, but we now have a launch date for the device’s launch – from a OnePlus Live Chat agent.

The date provided is June 14th, which is a matter of approximately 2.5 weeks from now (or around 18 days). With this date being so close now, we’re not surprised to see specs appear in all their usual places. In addition to what we’ve said above, the OnePlus 3 will also have NFC (near field communication) for Android Pay mobile payments and run Android N, if a systems information page leak is legitimate.

We’ve had other rumors about the OnePlus 3, such as the fact that it will give users a choice between 4GB an 6GB of RAM, which is remarkable to say the least. While consumers seem to like choices (OnePlus’s customizable wood backs in the OnePlus One is such an example), I think it’s a sign that manufacturers don’t know what to provide their customers. Why not just throw in 6GB of RAM for all models and leave it at that? Price-tiered smartphones want to encourage rather than discourage customers, but the madness with various customizations can only go so far.

Of course, the 6GB of RAM in the OnePlus 3 could have something to do with the company encouraging its users to invest in the Loop VR headset and even purchase a second OnePlus 3, accessories, or a OnePlus 4 in it — but we’ve yet to hear that from OnePlus. Stay tuned as we bring you more information on the company’s upcoming flagship.

OnePlus 3 launch date revealed


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