Best Plant Identification Apps

There are thousands of plant species, which makes the task of remembering the name and details of every plant quite challenging. While it is possible to find information on books, carrying a heavy encyclopedia and going through the pages to find a particular photo is not the most practical solution. Botanists, gardeners and anyone interested in the subject can rely on apps that allow them to have quick access to a world of knowledge on their mobile devices. These apps are also convenient for people who love the outdoors and who want to learn more about nature, or be prepared in case they need to find plants with medicinal properties. Here you will find the apps that you definitely need to check out if you want to be able to find out more about plants, even when you are on the go.

Google Goggles

With Goggles, you will be able to identify not only plants, but many other items that are close to you. The app relies on Google reverse image search function and it offers very accurate results. It opens the phone camera, then analyzes the photos taken and shows the name of the item displayed in the image. You can scan the photos saved on the phone. Goggles is fast, lightweight and it has a simple user interface. There is an option to crop the image and enable the led flash module of the device. The downside is that it is not available for iOS.



This free app by Hangzhou Glority Software allows you to identify flowers and apps by checking their pictures. It is used by thousands of people and recognized thanks to its powerful functionality. There are two buttons in the main interface that allow you to select if you want to take a photo or select an image from the phone gallery. You can tap on the first button if you have the plan in front of you and want to capture an image. If you previously took a photo of a plant or flower and want to know more about it, you can select the seconds photo. Once you select the image or take a new photo using the phone, PictureThis scans the image and provides information gathered from its database. The app uses visual recognition technology and also relies on a network of garden and horticulture specialists. It requires an internet connection to work.

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This is one of the most popular options available for people who want to identify plants and learn more about them. PlantNet offers the chance to find out plant species by countries, but you need to connect to the internet in order to use it. First, you need to take a photo with the app or select the image from the phone’s storage memory. The app asks users to decide which part of the plant (flower, seed, fruit, leaf or stem), they want to select. After choosing one, the app uploads the image to the server and analyzes it. If the image matches with any of the database records, the information will be collected and presented to you. In case the app doesn’t have data about the plant, it is possible to ask other users of the app to assist you. PlantNet has an extensive network of users, but its recognition technology is nor as accurate as what PictureThis offers

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Plantix is the ideal solution to find out what is affecting your plants, if you notice that they are sick. The app is capable of scanning crops, fruits and vegetables and it recommends a pesticide that can be used to treat the disease. If you don’t find what you are looking for or the app doesn’t provide relevant information, you can ask the Plantix community of servers. They can review the photo and all you need to do is to create a new forum post to ask the, The app allows you to check the weather, precipitation, wind information in your area and much more. There is a library section that shows you a list of plant diseases. By tapping on the disease, you will be able to find the cure. Plantix also offers a search option that supports multiple languages.


Garden Tags

While you need to register in order to use The Garden Tags, the app features an amazing interface. It is possible to use this free app to find information that will allow you to take better care of your plants. It also has a strong and helpful community of users that allows you to discover new species and to identify flowers, trees or plants that you don’t know. Garden Tags can be used to take photos of the plant using your mobile device and while it doesn’t analyze or scan the image, it lets you share it with other users and the community of members on Twitter and Facebook.

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