5 Easy Ways to Take Premium Landscape Smartphone Photos

In these modern times, photographs taken with a traditional handheld camera are rare. Most pics are now taken with smartphones and tablets. This means there are many content creators and online sharers that don’t know much about photography, in the formal sense. 

Surprisingly, with the use of filters and editing software, almost any photo can be improved. However, if you want to upgrade your content by including higher quality photos, it’s best to know a few essential composition tips. 

Most non-photographers would be surprised at how much filters enhance colors and textures inside your shot. Let’s take a closer look at a few easy ways to take premium landscape smartphone photos. 

Timing and Lighting Are Everything

There’s no rule that says you can’t take nice landscape vista photos in the middle of the day. If you are going for something more dramatic and colorful, you should schedule your shoot for early morning or at dusk. When the sun rises and sets, you can use the softened and colorful light that makes your shot more interesting. 

The tone of your entire photo can be changed depending on the time of day. A great way to play around with your photo timing is to take repetitive photos at different times during the day and compare the effects.

Experiment With Lenses

When taking photos with your smartphone, you don’t have the luxury of dozens of lens options. However, newer devices often have more than one camera with which to experiment. Taking several photos of the same scenery with different lenses can make a difference in your outcome. Take advantage of your wide-angle and zoom lenses to take stunning panoramic or close-up landscape photos.

Editing Is Key

As you develop your smartphone photography skills, you can use editing software to hone your final product. Countless editing apps and available downloadable software help take your photos to the next level. 

Shoot in Different Weather

The weather has an undeniable effect on natural lighting and mood. A photo taken at the same location in different weather can often look like a totally different place. On a sunny day, a mountain landscape in the height of summer will look very different than on a drizzly autumn evening. When the weather changes, get out and shoot the scenery from different perspectives

Consider Composition

It takes more than the best photography equipment to take a good picture. To add interest to a landscape shot, you need to consider the overall composition. While focus and lighting are important, adding other elements to your photo will bring more interest. You may be able to find something unique in your foreground that will give your photo a more accurate scale. 

If you want to take better photos for your online content, the key is to practice. As you experiment and play with your smart device, try different settings, change lenses, shoot during prime time, and consider the composition of every photo, you will see your photos improve over time. 

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