Share Life With Random Strangers With Fling

Today, the market of mobile apps is filled with several different messaging apps, each with its own features, methods and target audience. Still, the vast majority of them is targeted at young people, trying to attract them with features that, so the developers hope, will make teens want to use no other app to communicate.

Most communication apps like Facebook Messenger or Snapchat are built around the idea that people want to communicate with their preexisting contacts, meaning that they will message their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

However, there is a new app in town that was built differently, as it is used to message total strangers, rather than contacts already existing: let’s meet Fling, the app where everyone can see the world from the screen of a mobile device, (mostly) brought by complete strangers.

Available for iOS und Android, this UK-based app has quickly caught the attention of young boys and girls around the world. Mostly, this happens because of its novelty, as it can be considered as the merging of a social platform with a messaging service.

But the most important feature of Fling is how the messaging system works: each message, which can be in the form of a photo, text or a ten second long video, is sent to 50 random users spread through the world, without a way to choose who those users are, or what is their location.

From this point, if any of the 50 users like the content they received, they can then refling it, causing it to reach even more users and, therefore, spreading that content and even making it very popular in a short period of time. Of course that, on a service like this, is always hard to control what is being spread, but Fling is a really amazing service and has a very useful app to go along with it.

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