Teenagers increasingly prefer Snapchat, iphone, and Fitbit wearables according to a new survey

A survey conducted by Piper Jaffray has revealed some interesting facts about teenagers’ preferences. The study involved thousands of teenagers from America weighing in on the social media they frequently used, the one they prefer to keep actively on, the smartphone brand they prefer, smart watches popular among them, and the full range of wearable they prefer. The following is a breakdown on how they responded to the above factors.

Social media keep actively on

The survey revealed that teenagers are now are more interested in Snapchat, a shift from the traditional Instagram. Back in 2015 when Jaffray conducted a similar study, they estimated that 33% of teenagers preferred to have Instagram for their daily social activities. During that period, 19% of responded preferred to use Snapchat. The scenario has changed this year with 28% of teenagers being active on Snapchat as opposed to 27% who prefer Instagram.

Instagram reported that it has 400 million month to month clients while Snapchat noted that it has 100 million everyday customers.

Facebook, the parent company for Instagram, predicted Snapchat prosperity and tried to purchase the company for $3 billion. Since the failed acquisition, the company has introduced some Snapchat-like features such as Visual ‘codes’ and plans for vivified channels.


Social media most preferred

75% of the teens who responded to the survey noted they use Snapchat while 74% preferred Instagram. Snapchat receives a 1% increase from last year’s survey while Instagram experiences a 2% drop. Facebook received 59% preference, a 2% increase from the previous year preference percentage. Twitter remained flat at 58%.


Smartphone preferred

Teens interested in iPhones continue to rise with the survey reporting 69% own iPhones up from last year’s 67%. 75% of the teens expect that their next phone will be an iPhone, a 1% raise from the previous survey. IPhone adoption among teens is expected to grow in the fall when Apple unveil iPhone 7 that will feature significant upgrades e.g. dual camera and also minor design refinement.


Smart Watches

Smart watches are not that popular among teens, and only 12% of the responded claimed to own one. Among the smart watches owners, Apple Watch was the highly chosen model with 71% preference. Only 10% of teens noted that they are interested in purchasing a Smart Watch, a 2% raise from last years.

Apple Watch growth might remain stagnant following recent rumors that suggest that the second-generation update will receive minor in scale upgrade.


Full Range of wearable

72% of teens surveyed preferred Fitbit wearable with Nike coming second with 12%. Apple was third with 6%. Wearable have been growing in popularity with 22% females and 18% male surveyed owning a fitness tracker. The percentage presents an increase from last year’s 14 and 12 percent respectively.T


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