Dead Space Original vs Remake

Developed by Motive Studio and published by Electronic Arts, Dead Space Remake has brought the same feeling of excitement and enthusiasm as when its original dead space was released. The reason behind this is due to keeping the original storyline. Furthermore, the remake comes with new additional content and updated visual view of Ishimura. Though these changes may seem small, you would definitely see the improvements overall made which would provide a better experience.

In this article, we shall compare both the Dead Space Original and the Remake. We shall see what are the differences and the similarities of both remake and original.

Dead Space Remake: Updates


Voiced by Gunner Wright, the main character, Isaac Clark is where the main story revolves. Isaac is an engineer who roams around Ishimura ship. This mentioned ship is considered as dangerous due to alien parasite break. His goal is to be able to repair the ship and at the same time stay safe by fighting off the blood-hungry Necromorphs.

The difference between the original and remake is that in the original, Isaac does not talk much while in the remake, Isaac engages in verbal dialogue. This definitely gives a sneak peak of his personality.

The similarities, on the other hand could be seen in its main storyline. Though there are many additions to the remake, the plot still remains the same.


One of the major differences which you would find between the Dead space original and the remake is its graphics. There are hardware upgrades which you would find in the remake and even some areas were improved graphically. Here are some of the differences that you would find in Dead Space Original and Remake in terms of graphics.

  • The remake has an updated texture and has a higher resolution
  • The game is more detailed in terms of its characters and atmospheric environment.
  • The objects are more realistic
  • Improved lighting and shadows
  • Volumetric lighting
  • Improved animations
  • Visual effects have been changed and improved
  • The remake provides a more immersive and realistic feeling
  • The remake uses surround sound and focuses more on bass

User Interface

In the remake version, the interface is smoother and more user-friendly. This means you could access more options and features through its menu option. Furthermore, its heads-up display was updated as well. This heads-up display ensures that it provides the users important information. Another improvement that you would see is the inventory system wherein the improvement provides users more space.

Newer Gameplay Mechanics

  • Shooting is more fun and has improved aiming mechanism
  • Shooting is more responsive and more accurate
  • You would find the impact of the fire
  • Triggers and controls are smoother and has an immersive feedback
  • In the remake, there are not camera cuts
  • There are no loading screens

Additional Content

The remake version allows you to access more suits and weapons through purchasing them or you could unlock them through doing side missions. Aside from that, you would be able to find items scattered around the ship. New guns have been introduced in the remake. However, keep in mind that it could be challenging to unlock these guns.

Intensity Director

This category makes the game more unpredictable. The events are more dynamic and there are more spawn enemies. With the intensity director, the amount of uncertainty is more more. This system makes the game more exciting and it allows to add more element of fear.

Side Missions

As mentioned earlier, for you to be able to unlock some suits, you would need to do side missions. This feature is actually an addition to the original one. The side missions found in the remake actually revolve around side characters.

It is not a requirement for you to do side missions. However, doing it allows you to improve your skill and at the same time it would provide you a more immersive experience.

New Enemy Peeling System

The new enemy peeling system allows you to kill necromorphs grosser at the same time look more frightening. Though your enemies would be the same, you would have different ways to get rid of them through the new mechanism of allowing you to torn off their limbs, flesh, bones and tendons.

Alternate Ending

In the remake version, you could have an alternate ending and if you have not finished the game, we suggest that you skip this part as there are some spoilers.

How to Unlock

For you to be able to access the alternate ending, you would need to finish the Dead Space remake game at least one time. Once you have completed the game, you would be able to unlock the new game plus mode. On the second round, you would be able to find 12 marker collectibles which you would need to unlock the alternate ending.

Alternate Ending Explained

The original ending shows Isaac being able to defeat the hive mind and is able to escape through Aegis VII. Then, when he is flying through space, Nicole who is infected shows up and jumps at him.

The alternate ending, however, Isaac still ends up in the Aegis VII but the interior is covered in scribbles and text in the font of the marker. Nicole who is infected shows up but would have a dialogue with Isaac rather than jumping on Isaac. Isaac’s mind becomes distorted and would experience the effects of the marker.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about Dead Space Original vs Remake.

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