Dentity – A Smart and Easy Solution to Manage your Contacts

While iOS has a default Contacts option, it comes with some limitations and its design could do with some improvement. The same can be said about many Android phones, which is why it is possible to find an extensive selection of contact management apps in Google Play and in the App Store. These apps seek to address the shortcomings of the stock Contacts option, adding flexibility and ease of use. One of the best solutions available to manage your contacts effectively is Dentity, created by Applied Financial Research.

Dentity offers a sleek and intuitive interface that will help you to make contact management easier as it automatically updates your contact list. It takes care of keeping your contact information relevant so that you can stay in touch with friends, family or colleagues. With Dentity, you can manage and update contacts directory easily and all the information shared with your contacts is kept in one place. Here is more about what this app offers to make contact management simple.


Dentity gives you the possibility of maintaining your contacts up to date, getting rid of incomplete or old contacts. You can also replace your email signature, adding a private link to your Dentity profile that can be easily accessed, viewed and saved by your contacts. Instead of relying on old fashioned business cards, you can send emails with your business information presented in a practical and elegant way.

While Dentity is easy to use and can be downloaded for free, the main downside of the app is that you can only add people who is already using the app. Once the popularity of the app increases and its quality becomes recognized with high ratings on Google Play and the App Store, it is likely that more people will download it. In the meantime, you can invite people from your address book within the app.

In spite of the limitations, Dentity stands out for its user-friendly interface that is straightforward and designed to make things fast and easy. The app allows you to reach out contacts through message, email, or phone call buy choosing from a quick menu that is displayed for each contact. The app may not have advanced features, but its main strength is precisely the simplicity that it offers.

With Dentity, you can customize the privacy of your contact details as you can decide which data is available for others and which one is hidden. Dentity also allows you to create groups and to add people quickly, as soon as they are also using the app. Since the app is web-based, it syncs across all your devices. Security, which is a crucial aspect when it comes to contact apps, is also handled effectively by Dentity. Giving an app access to your contacts always causes concern about the way in which the data would be handled. However, Dentity keeps your data secure at all times.


The highlight of Dentity is the remarkable design of its interface and the ease of use that it offers. It works really well at managing contacts without hassle but unfortunately, it requires that your contacts also have Dentity in order to be truly effective. Still, it offers a good option to manage your own contact details when you have a small or medium business.

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