Developer hacks Moto 360 to work with an iPhone

A developer has found a new way of communicating Android based Moto 360 smartwatch with Apple’s iPhone using some sort of hack which allows iPhone to communicate with the device. The developer showed a demo video in which he showed how the Android Wear was able to get notifications from the iPhone.

So far, the only smartwatch that Apple iOS users could think of using with their iOS device was the Apple Watch that is expected to release in April. But after watching the video, users of iPhone should feel some degree of happiness because they can also use Android Wear based smartwatch with their device. The most interesting part about this whole hack is that there is no need to jailbreak iOS or anything like that. The developer showed how he tweaked and hacked Android Wear to support iOS notifications.

How it works is pretty simple. According to the video description, the way both Moto 360 and iPhone works is the same as a Pebble smartwatch works with an Apple device using Apple’s official Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) APIs for sending notifications via Bluetooth. The video demonstrated how the developer, named Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh — known as MohammadAG to the XDA communit, received a message on his iPhone 6 and a corresponding notification also popped up on the Android Wear based Moto 360 smartwatch.

This is just the beginning – Android Wear device showing notifications from an iOS device. If developers are eager enough to dig deeper, they can also get other things to work including apps, health data synchronization and Google Now etc.



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