8 Different Types of Smartphones in 2022

Did you know that people in the United States check their phones nearly 100 times every day? 

People spend so much time looking at their screens because smartphones can help you connect with the world, learn, and work.

If you are looking to upgrade your phone, there are a couple of smartphones to consider getting. 

Keep reading to learn about the most common types of smartphones that people are buying in 2022! 

1. iPhone 13

One of the most popular types of smartphones on the market is the iPhone. 

Apple created the iPhone in 2007 and it has been a popular choice since its release. Steve Jobs designed this phone so that it was user-friendly and could predict what the user wanted. This phone is also excellent if you use other Apple products. 

Although iPhones are expensive, they are great if you want quality images, fast speeds, and the latest technologies. The iPhone 13 is the latest edition to get released with 5G capabilities and the fastest processing system yet. 

2. Galaxy S20 Plus 

Probably iPhone’s biggest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy. 

This smartphone is a common choice for users that want more control of their phone and settings. The Galaxy smartphone is perfect for people that like to multitask. This is because you can have multiple programs running simultaneously. 

If you have a Galaxy plus and need a case, an i-BlasonĀ is a great option to consider. Make sure that you keep your phone protected so that the camera lens and screen don’t shatter. Another reason to consider this smartphone is that it can easily transfer information to computers.

The screen and design of the Galaxy are flawless and many people recommend this option. 

3. Galaxy Fold 

If you enjoy the Galaxy but want a change, you should consider the Galaxy fold. 

The Galaxy Fold is more of a square shape that fonds in half. This phone combines an old concept with the latest technology designs. Many versions of smartphones have tried to create a design that folds and they have been unsuccessful until now. 

Unfortunately, this phone is hard to find because of the high demand. If you happen to see one for a deal, don’t hesitate to get it. You can be more efficient than ever with this phone and the image quality is outstanding! 

4. Pixel 6 Pro

The best type of smartphone for Google users is the Google Pixel 6 Pro. 

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a great choice for people that have a small budget and want most of the smart feature capabilities. This smartphone also has one of the best cameras in the world right now, at least on a phone, and uses cutting-edge technology. 

You can capture images in the dark, on the go, and anywhere else with this phone. Unfortunately, this phone takes a while to charge but the battery should last most of the day. 

5. OnePlus 8 Pro

A new smartphone that you may have not heard of yet is the OnePlus 8 Pro.

The OnePlus 8 Pro was released last April. It has a great screen to display photos and applications. You can also find this smartphone for a reasonable cost and won’t have to fork over a thousand dollars. 

With this phone, you will have 5G service, a strong battery, and high-quality chip technology. A lot of people like the OnePlus 8 Pro because of its slim design and full screen. You can watch your favorite TV shows, manage emails, and take amazing photos on this affordable device. 

6. Moto G7

If you have a very small budget for your phone, you might want to think about getting the Motorola Moto G7.

This smartphone is around $200, which is significantly cheaper than its competitors. Even with the price being so low, you don’t have to worry about stepping back a century. This phone still has smartphone capabilities where you can check social media, text, and browse the internet. 

Since this phone isn’t as complex as other smartphones, it does have some other advantages. The battery lasts much longer when compared to other phones and charges quicker. 

Some of the complaints that people have with this phone are limited video and photo-taking abilities in low-light settings. 

7. Galaxy S21 Ultra

Finding a phone with the best display, camera, and functioning might seem like an impossible task. 

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is recommended if you want the best phone on the market. This phone might have a heavy price tag, but it is durable and will make you more productive than ever. The battery life is above-average and it also has wireless charging abilities to make your life easier. 

8. Xperia 1 III

Sony has developed the Xperia 1 III to showcase their 4K imaging and 120 Hz screen display. 

This is the best phone for taking photos and viewing images. You can see every detail with this screen, which will prevent you from missing even the slightest things. This Android phone is almost as fast as the latest iPhone but you won’t be limited by Apple capabilities. 

The Xperia resembles the Galaxy design and has a sleek image. 

Which Types of Smartphones Should You Try?

There are many types of smartphones on the market, which makes it difficult to choose the best one. 

Although the iPhone and Galaxy are the most common phones, there are quite a few other options to try. Song and Motorola are also top contenders in the industry. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and abilities for an affordable price and there are now options that won’t make you choose. 

Don’t be afraid to test these phones out the next time you head to the store. Handling them will help you find the most suitable choice. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about the best new smartphones and the latest technology trends! 

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