Do Crypto Pump and Dump Groups Work and How to Find Safe Groups

Knowing what crypto coins to invest in doesn’t come instantly. Even with some experience and knowledge, you have no guarantee that the coin you purchase will pay off. 

Predicting the prices of crypto coins sometimes reminds us of predicting the weather: on the one hand, you can make logical conclusions and  build tacts based on evidence, on the other hand, these strategies aren’t always leading to outstanding profit. 

Telegram groups for sharing info about crypto coins and their signals are an extremely popular way to make a profit nowadays. If you have a desire to take your trading to a higher level but haven’t heard about crypto pump and dump groups yet, quicker check out the platform Safetrading

In a nutshell, Telegram crypto pump and dump groups exist to post relevant data on this or that crypto coin that makes an impact on other coin’s price formation. Groups like this get advertised in social media, in the news, or in other cryptocurrency groups. But how do you find a worthy Telegram community to put your trust in and not fail in the end? The answer is simple – just look up those groups at Safetrading since this expert team regularly reviews each service to provide you with transparent info and best sources.  

Check Out the Best Pump and Dump Crypto Groups on Telegram

In their majority, pump and dump crypto groups are ruled by a bot and you will have to subscribe in order to receive fresh info every next day. The membership in such channels is, as a rule, paid because this is a sort of business for those admins who run the communities. 

But even though such crypto signal providers require payment, if you use a trusted pump and dump group, your earnings will transcend investments. 

So, how do you find trustable communities with the help of Safetrading? 

First of all, you’ve got to know a little about the terms. Now, there are two types of Telegram communities that post signals: pump and dumps and daily groups. Pump and dump groups are  created to allow users to make profits at a lightning speed while daily ones are working at a regular pace. 

These groups can include info about Altcoin, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitnex signals, or others.  

What Reliable Telegram Crypto Pump and Dump Groups Contain 

Getting more specific about what an average pump and dump cryptocurrency group from Safetrading has, let us look at some real channels. 

Groups such as Onward BTC and FatPig Signals are providing quite accurate data on the coins’ entry and target prices, and less frequently, stop losses. However, keep in mind that none of them can be viewed as a 100% stable source of income. 

Every crypto pump and dump Telegram channel is just an information source and, on condition if used right, this info can help you make a considerable profit from trading. But here is the positive news: Safetrading has a big list of the most profitable channels on Telegram. What is really a big plus is that every channel which is marked as ‘Approved’ is checked by the Saftrading team. For instance, searching by the status ‘Approved’, you are completely on the safe side!

Besides, you see the details about accuracy, term, provider’s country, and the cost of participation. We could tell you a lot more but it’s better to try it once on your own. Safetrading is ready to help you make secure exchanges and find reliable signal sources. 

How Not to Lose Money to a Pump and Dump Telegram Group 

The rich choice of crypto coins has given rise to fraud groups as well. Some groups offer valuable advice and claim to know effective ways to exchange coins with profit but in reality, share nothing and just aim your entry fees. In the trading world, this is called ‘scamming’. 

What makes such strategies even more effective is that there are no chances to get refunds. These are not conventional exchange platforms where the trading activity is usually regulated by the law. Pump and dump groups are private and very often anonymous so their leaders don’t even share their personal names and hide under any possible nicknames. Smart group owners also never share their location to avoid any responsibility. 

Here are some other signs that point to a suspicious channel: 

  1. They chose coins with floor-low liquidity
  2. They give too much warm-up and encouragement
  3. They make up channels with lots of participants to ‘buy’ your trust (as a rule, more than 60,000)

That is why we never recommend you to choose Telegram groups on your own in the hope that this will be fair game. Of course, not all pump and dump groups are scammers and fraudsters hunting your money. By accepting professional advice and reading good sources, you will be able to pick transparent channels which are legit and give you many guarantees. 

The SafeTrading platform rates such channels according to real clients’ feedback, their permanent content, information provider’s success, and other crucial factors. Some of them include: 

  • Crypto Classics
  • Alpha Trade Zone
  • Onward BTC
  • Fat Pig Signals

You can take notice that such groups that SafeTrading can sincerely recommend are not very numerous. That’s because the platform never provides unproven or prefabricated data and chooses exclusive places with good reputation. Check out the channels marked as ‘Approved’ to protect your funds and trade safely. 

Look also at these parameters given by SafeTrading about each channel they check. 

  • Title of the group
  • Number of participants
  • Possible types of subscriptions
  • Cost of joining / paid subscription price
  • Signal terms
  • The country this group represents
  • Support chat and its availability
  • Languages supported
  • Links to their website / other channels
  • Frequency of providing signals in the group

Every reputable channel is unafraid to have such information in the open. So, keep it in mind, trust SafeTrading platform and make right choices!

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