Do Radiator Covers Block Heat?

Are you considering purchasing a new radiator, but you have concerns surrounding the heat output? This is often the case, especially when a radiator is encased in a cover. Many models of radiator such as those with safety specific specifications have covers on them. A great example of one of these is the LST (Low Surface Temperature) range of designer radiators from Stelrad, all sold with removable cases that allow for a cool to touch frame. But do they actually reduce the heat output? The good think is, you don’t need to worry, as although radiators with covers block heat when it comes to external touch, they do have the capacity to heat your room thoroughly, all year round. There are also many other benefits attached to radiators with covers, so we’ll break down some of the major advantages, so you can make an informed decision before your next radiator purchase.  

Are Radiators with Covers More Efficient?

Believe it or not, yes! Radiators with covers are able to leave a plentiful amount of space for the warm air to travel out into your room, meaning they can actually improve efficiency. This is due to the foil backing that many of these radiator covers have integrated into them. The heat will reflect off the foil, and into your room, increasing efficiency. A radiator cover can actually boost the levels of connection (hot air flow) within your room. What this means, is that rather than a radiator cover blocking heat, they can actually increase the levels of hot airflow into your room.  

So, is Any Heat Lost When Using a Radiator Cover?

A cover can block some heat, but just because it has the potential to do so, doesn’t mean it will. As warm or hot air converts evenly around your room, it is actually quite difficult to say how much, if any, heat is lost due to the use of a radiator cover. The spacing may well impact how much heat is lost, so it is important to check the spacing between the radiator cover and the radiator itself. 

Are Radiator Covers Safe?

Radiator covers are a very safe addition to your radiator. Some radiator covers even make them safer, lowering the external heat of the appliance, meaning no more burns. This makes them exceptionally great for environments such as nurseries, kid’s playrooms, and hospitals. 

As long as you buy a radiator from a trusted source, a radiator cover is an ideal option to your heating requirements. Always check the specifications of any covered radiators you are buying. Any reputable supplier or manufacturer of radiators should stat all required specifications of the radiator and the cover. Additionally, they should provide you with the BTU, often using a specialist heat loss calculator that cleverly determines how much heat will be lost. Simply enter the details of the environment you wish to install the radiator within, and the rest will be done for you. It’s that simple! Shop online now and find the safest, most efficient radiator that suits you. 

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