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Does Ring Camera Work Without WiFi?

In this technological age, everything is being upgraded into something more developed which would make our lives more comfortable. In fact, there are a lot of manual devices that have now turned into something technological. One example of that is a doorbell. Before, doorbells would provide a ringing sound to notify you that someone is on your door and would like to let you know that someone has arrived to visit you. Now doorbells have become more developed wherein they are now smarter and armed with security cameras.

One of the most popular wireless doorbell and security cameras is the brand, Ring. Though there are a lot of advantages in having this smart home device, there are also some downsides to it.

Mostly, these types of devices come with wireless radio communication instead of a cable. In fact, they are mostly connected to a WiFi which could be a downside especially if you do not have a backup plan when your WiFi goes down.

Does Ring Still Work Without WiFi?

Almost every device that the brand Ring has would need a WiFi connection in order to be able to send video streams back to its Ring’s servers where videos are saved and which allows to provide you notifications. The only exception this is the Elite models which allows to use wired Ethernet.

As for the Ring’s security cameras and video doorbells, unfortunately as mentioned earlier, you will not be able to use this type of doorbell without a WiFi connection. Though that is the case, your Ring doorbell would still chime but it will not be able to connect to a remote Chime to ring inside or send you a notification.

Non-camera smart home devices on the other hand could work over Z-Wave and be able to work with the Ring Alarm base station directly. This means, you will be able to use it without WiFi. They are motion activated and could be controlled manually.

Which Cameras Need WiFi?

As mentioned earlier, most Ring cameras work over WiFi except for some models such as the Video Doorbell Elite and Stick Up Cam Elite indoor/outdoor camera which could be operated through wired Ethernet connection. Though this is the case, keep in mind that you might still need an active internet connection for the cameras as they are reliant on Ring’s servers.

The Elite models work through Power Over Ethernet which works on a conventional Ethernet cable which would power the device.

Here are some of the devices that need 2.4GHz Wifi with cameras supporting 5GHz dual band WiFi

  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell Elite
  • Floodlight Cam Wired Plus
  • Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

What Happens If the WiFi is Down?

Ring cameras and doorbells use cloud servers for their functions work which includes object detection and for it to be able to send notifications as well. Keep in mind that the video recording is actually done in the cloud which means that if the device cannot access the internet, it would not be able to work properly. Though they could still detect motion, it would not be able to send you a notification nor alert you.

Ring doorbells could only work when there is a WiFi connection. This includes Ring Chime devices as well. Hence, if you are not connected to a WiFi then, your chime will not ring when your doorbell is pressed. Its camera will not work either and it will not be able to send data for its live video feed.

Can Ring Cameras Record Locally?

Ring cameras rely on cloud services for it to be able to send data to the servers which means it is the only method of recording videos. This also means that they do not have storage nor do they have any way to add or support sending to any external recording devices such as the Network Video Recorders. Hence, if you are going to use Ring camera, you will need to have a good internet connection.

Can Ring devices use cellular backup?

Ring Alarm security system comes with a cellular backup option as an internet connection backup. It has Eero WiFi 6 mesh router and cellular backup radio which could be used as long as you have subscribed to their Ring Protect Pro plan.

Hence, if you will be using Ring Alarm as your internet router, you will be able to connect to all your smart home devices which includes your Ring cameras.

Can you set up Ring cameras without WiFi?

For you to be able to set up your new Ring device either camera or doorbell, you would need to have a Ring app on your smart phone. This app will then provide you an alternative WiFi connection to your camera which will connect your device with your ring account. It will configure and connect your camera to your home network. Keep in mind that if you are using Ethernet, you would still need to have the Ring app.

Will a Ring camera recover automatically after a WiFi outage?

It could work on degraded signal strength and it has the ability to come back quickly right after an outage.

Does turning off WiFi disable Ring cameras?

Unfortunately, once your WiFi goes off, your camera will no longer be able to record anything nor send you any alerts. Though this is the case, it will not disable your camera permanently. As soon as it gets a WiFi signal, it would be able to recover quickly and work right up again.

Troubleshooting WiFi problems

  • On the main menu of your Ring app, select devices
  • Select devices to check
  • Then tap devices health tile
  • Check the network name SSID and the signal strength
  • Look at the RSSI values the lower the number the better
  • Tap the ? next to it to help you understand
  • If the signal is red, relocate your camera or your router or your mesh network. This will improve your signal strength
  • You could also try using Ring Chime Pro

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