Doodle Hydra Value

Doodle Hydra, launched on January 28,2023, is actually a secret pet which could be found in Pet Simulator X. This pet has been added in the Doodle World Part 2 update. In fact, it is considered as a third secret pet which has been added to Pet Simulator X.

How Much Is Doodle Hydra Worth in Pet Simulator X?

In the normal version, Doodle Hydra is estimated to value at 120,000,000 diamonds. However, if the pet comes with cartoon coins, expect it to have a higher value.

How to Get Doodle Hydra?

Part of Doodle World Part 2, Gem Doodle Egg is where Doodle Hydra comes from.

Doodle World Pets

  • Doodle Unicorn (Legendary)
  • Doodle Axolotl (Legendary)
  • Doodle Agony (Mythical)
  • Doodle Mouse (Mythical)
  • Doodle Monkey (Mythical)
  • Doodle Rhino (Mythical)
  • Doodle Parrot (Secret)
  • Doodle Hydra (Secret)
  • Huge Doodle Fairy (Huge Exclusive)
  • Huge Doodle Cat (Huge Exclusive)

What is Pet & Gem Value?

  • Pet Value – it is used as a default value. It is the total amount of diamonds which the pet would be worth or is valued at when trading other pets.
  • Gem Value – It is the value which your pet would be worth. This is paid or traded with diamonds or gems.

What Are The Different Pet Rarities?

  • (N) = Normal
  • (G) = Golden
  • (R) = Rainbow
  • (DM) = Dark Matter
  • (S) = Shiny

Pet Simulator X Guides

We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about current Doodle Hydra value and other pets in Pet Sim X.

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