Best Drawing Programs for Mac and PC

With today’s digital era, it is difficult to imagine all the tools available to assist digital artists with their work. It is also hard to choose the best drawing program that will enhance your skills, but, unfortunately, the said task is the most important task you will have to fulfill. Choose the right tool for you and you will never regret investing. Hence, we have decided to list down 15 of the best drawing programs that you could use for your Mac or your PC.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular drawing program not only to digital artists but also to students and other professions as well. Adobe Photoshop’s popularity comes with a reason and that is due to its amazing features. It provides hundreds of different brushes and the access of these brushes allows its users to have a high degree of control of strokes and smoothness. In addition to that, this program comes with preset panel which makes it very easy to organize your brushes. Aside from that, Adobe Photoshop could be used for digital drawing, creating packages, websites, icons, banners and many more.

2. Affinity Designer

This drawing program, Affinity Designer is one of the best for Mac devices. It does not require subscription based payments and yet it could perform at par to subscription based drawing programs. It has a complete graphic design tools and solutions. Its offered features and functions were made in consideration of its end-users. It is easy to learn to use and easy to access as well. Through this drawing program, you will be able to create illustrations, branding materials, icons, printing projects and mock-ups. The Affinity Designer supports non-destructive operations and requires for one-time payment fee only.

3. AutoDesk Sketchbook

AutoDesk Sketchbook supports both Mac and PC and is considered by many as one of the best drawing programs. It is free and is a tool used by many to enhance their skills as illustrator, designer or animator. Its UI comes with a minimalistic design and it’s a platform which allows you to design like you are in front of a blank canvas.

AutoDesk Sketchbook has about 140 designer brushes, blending modes, unlimited layers and grouping of layers. It also offers different types of rulers, guides, strokes and many more.

4. Corel Painter 2019

Corel Painter 2019 is a reliable tool made specially for designers, digital artists and illustrators. It is a tool that is said to be able to get any designing job done. In Corel Painter, you will be able to choose and use about 900 different brushes, patterns, exclusive particles, pens and any more. It

also has a library of video tutorials- an easy access for references that any artist could view. If you are just starting as an artist, this tool is a great option for quite a while.

5. Adobe Illustrator

If Adobe Photoshop is an amazing tool for designing, Adobe Illustrator will not be left behind. It is the best tool for drawing vector designs. Illustrators usually use this tool to create web icons and product packages- book illustrations and billboards. Through Adobe Illustrator, you will be able to create logos, graphics and icons through simple shapes and colors. Aside from that, you will also be able to scale your artwork into small size as for your smartphone to as huge as billboard.

6. Krita

Krita is one of the best free, open-source drawing programs. Through this program, you will be able to access professional tools and will able to conceptualize and create comics, art, illustrations and many more. This program has been created specifically for comics and concept artists. It comes with customizable user interface, brush stabilizers, brush engines, pop-up pallets, extensive resource manager and many more.

7. Inkscape

Inkscape is an open-source, powerful and free drawing tool for illustrators, web designers, designers and those who would need to create vector imagery. In this program you will find functions and features that are useful in creating objects, selecting colors, node editing, path conversion, object manipulation, multi-line text, anti-aliased display and many more. Inkscape also could support almost all the major file formats.

8. Clip Studio

Clip Studio is a well-known drawing program used by many manga artists and illustrators. Though this program could be used for normal illustrations, it is best for animation and manga. In fact, Clip Studio is the successor of Manga Studio. This tool comes with advanced pen pressure detection that could produce realistic-looking pen strokes. Aside from that, it also includes decoration tools which could be used for drawing complex shapes, coloring and vector layers.

9. Rebelle 3

Rebelle 3 is a paint program software tool that could be used for water coloring, real-world color blending, wet diffusion and drying, acrylic and wet and dry media artworks. This tool has been developed by Peter Blaskovic, a great artist. He created this tool to create natural looking paints through the use of painting tools. Though this program is very powerful and popular, it is not for everyone, as it is made specially for traditional painters and CG artists.

10. FireAlpaca

If the device that you are using is an older version PC, then, FireAlpaca is the perfect tool for you. It comes with light resources which makes this program perfect for individuals with old version PCs. Aside from that, it comes with a lot of features that are compatible with PCs.

11. Leonardo

Similar to FireAlpaca, Leonardo is also lightweight on its resources. It is perfect to be used for painting, sketching, drawing, tracing and whiteboarding. It comes with cool UI and offers fast speed. In addition to that, Leonardo includes infinite canvas, perspective drawing tools, powerful brush engine and many more.

12. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is another great drawing program option for manga and comics designers. It includes about 800 backgrounds and tones, 50 brushes and 20 font styles. MediBang Paint is highly recommended for those who are just starting their journey as a manga or comics designer. Through this tool, you will be able to learn a lot and improve your skills. Aside from that, it has the ability to sync platforms and has apps that are compatible with iPad, Windows, iPhone and Android.

13. Mischief

This program is a sketching app which includes amazing features such as infinite canvas that allows its users to freely express themselves without limitations. It also has pins that you could drop on different locations of your art. These pins will let you know all the important parts of your sketch.

14. BlackInk

If you are more into the experimental side of creating art, then, BlackInk is highly recommended for you. The program lets you have the ability to create and customize brushes. This function will definitely provide you the ability to create unique art. Aside from that, you will also be able to share your brush with other artists as well.

15. Paint 3D

If you are just beginning to do and try digital drawing, Microsoft’s Paint 3D has a pre-installed program on Windows devices which you could use. It includes a lot of brushes and tools. It is easy to use, understand and comfortable to navigate. Through this program, no matter what level your drawing skills are, you will not have a hard time creating 2D and 3D objects and shapes.


That concludes our list of best drawing programs you could use and choose from for your Mac or PC. All drawing programs featured in this article are a combination of paid and free subscriptions.

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