Driver Booster 6 Beta Review

Speed and efficiency are key factors when it comes to enjoying a good experience using your PC. Dealing with a computer that constantly freezes, or coming across the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, can be very frustrating. If you are having issues with your computer’s performance, it is likely that the drivers are the culprits. Here is when Driver Booster will come to the rescue. This practical free application is designed to automatically check the drivers to identify issues and it will solve them by updating outdated, missing and faulty drivers in your Windows PC. This will allow you to reduce errors and enjoy a stable and efficient performance with your device.

Driver Booster was created by IObit, a leading company with over a decade of experience offering groundbreaking system utilities and security applications. IObit’s products are trusted by millions of customers around the world and Driver Booster is an excellent example of the high quality that the company delivers and that allows you to take your PC to the next level in terms of security and performance. What makes Driver Booster stand out from other driver update tools, is the fact that it lets you update all the drivers with a single click. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, and it is capable of updating several PC drivers in a fast way.

Driver Booster 6 is the latest version of the program and while it is still in Beta, it comes with new features and improvements that will ensure that you can optimize your PC. The new edition offers a larger database, allowing you to update pretty much all drivers and game items in your machine. Plus, there is a new feature known as Boost, which can significantly improve your gaming experience as it boosts the system with just one click. This means that apart from updating PC drivers and game components that are outdated, Driver Booster can help you to address performance issues and it also boosts the system, giving you an optimal experience for gaming and other tasks. Here is more about this convenient driver update solution.

What does Driver Booster 6 Beta offer?

With Driver Booster 6, you can still enjoy the fantastic functionality that IObit has delivered through previous versions of the program. It only takes one click to update all drivers that are out of date, missing or faulty. In the latest edition, the database has been expanded from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000, which allows you to update almost all the drivers and game components in your PC. Driver Booster is set to provide high standards of accuracy and security. The tool also supports auto driver update service, which enables driver download and installation during system idle time. This means that you can experience minimal disruption so that you can focus on your productivity whenever needed.

One of the most important additions in the new version is Boost, a feature that will give users the best gaming experience. As the game suggests, this solution will allow you to boost the system so that you can enjoy more efficient performance while playing games. With Boost, you are only one click away from speeding up your system. Driver Boost 6 also comes with 7 practical functions that let you view system information, restore the system and solve common issues including bad resolution, network failure and no sound. Driver Boost 6 is a comprehensive program that can improve the stability and reliability of the system and it will also help you to get the most out of your favorite games.

Driver Boost is easy to use and it allows you to fix system performance issues effortlessly. It scans the system to give you a detailed overview of the drivers that need to be updated and you will be able to get them updated with just one click. The tool also displays the drivers that are already updated and you can check all the drivers that are found. Game components (such as Adobe Flash Player), which are outdated, are also identified. There is also an option to remove driver packages that have been already used for installation. This prevents junk files from being collected, to keep free space in the system.

Driver Boost 6 features new Game Ready Drivers that offer improved stability and performance. The new version of the tool also comes with a better scan engine that allows faster scan and better connection. The Auto Driver Update and the Fix No Sound functions have also been updated, which ensures that only the selected types of drivers are updated and that the sound repair solution works effectively. The Driver Backup and restore has also been enhanced to provide faster loads and increased speed. Overall, the interface is more user friendly and it offers more stable, reliable performance.


Driver Booster is a solution that can considerably improve your productivity and help you to enjoy a better gaming experience. With just one click, your drivers will be updated, giving you the best system performance to complete your tasks without delays and annoying errors. Driver Booster 6 brings fantastic new features such as Boost and it offers a greater database, as well as improvements in all aspects of the tool.

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