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Best dual extruder 3D printers for different budgets

If you are in the process of getting a 3D printer, you are probably trying to choose between a single extruder or a dual extruder solution. Dual head printers are the preferred option for many and there are good reasons why this is the best choice. Before we go through the list of the best dual extruder 3D printers, let’s talk more about the reasons why, this is the best type to consider.

  • With a dual extruder, you can print multiple colors at the same time
  • Unlike single extruder printers, a dual extruder will give you the chance to add more color to the objects you print. It allows you to combine colors and get a more lively result.
  • Working with support material
  • There are cases when you need to work with support material. In a dual extruder, it is possible to use a soluble material as a support material. It is an option that is faster and smoother than using single screw extruder.
  • The chance to use different materials at the same time
  • It is possible to use different materials when printing one object. You can use wood, plastic and more in the same printed item.
  • You can print faster
  • There are cases when you can print faster with a single extruder print. It is possible to get dual extruder 3D printers using more than a few additional options than single heads. Here you will find the best dual extruder 3D printers that you can use for home and commercial use.

Flashforge Creator Pro

Flash Forge is a leading Chinese company with extensive experience in the manufacturing of 3D printers, filaments and accessories. They are focused on the entry-level and middle-class sector of the 3D printer market. Their Flash Forge Creator Pro is known as a duplicate since it is similar to the MakerBot Replicator 2X, but it is available for less. It features 2 rolls standard filament, but you can start printing straight away. Keep in mind that in order to get the best possible printing quality, it is important to use a premium filament. You will find that the print quality is greatly enhanced this way.

The printer comes with an LCD screen on the front, which has a keypad. It uses Sailfish which is one of the main firmware options in the 3D printing industry. The device has a strong build thanks to its metal construction. The building platform is made of aluminium, which offers better durability. The improvements in the build are made with ABS filament. While the price is low, the print quality is very high, which makes this the best dual extruder 3D printer available in the market, for a low price.

The device can be connected via USB to a computer, but you can also print stand-alone with an SD card. The Creator Pro is capable of handling the majority of filaments such as ABS, PVA, Nylon and PLA. Overall, this is a solid printer that offers stability and high quality, as well as affordability. It is an ideal solution for small businesses and educational organizations.

QIDI Technology Dual Extruder 3D Printer

This is an even more affordable solution for 3D printing than the FlashForge Creator Pro. It is also based on the MakerBot Replicator 2X. Regardless if you have experience or if it is the first time that you use a machine of this kind, you will be able to use the QIDI Technology Dual Extruder 3D Printer without issues. It offers a great selection of features and additional upgrades, and it is also backed by an outstanding support team.

The QIDI Tech features a metal frame and its plate is made from aviation grade aluminium, preventing warping from the high temperature up to 120F. The printer is well packed and it is almost fully assembled. Apart from the printer, you will find the following in the box: One roll of ABS filament, one roll of PLA filament, 2 filament spool holders, USB cable, power cable, 4GB SD card, Wiring harnesses, filament tubing, one roll of painter’s tape, tool box and instructions.

The printer can be assembled easily and there are clear instructions on the SD card that will guide you through the process. Thanks to the dual extruders, multi-color printing is supported in layer thicknesses that can go between 0.1 and 0.3 millimeters. The machine functions through the computer tether or the SD card. The main downside is that the printer may need to be recalibrated between builds. In spite of that, the QIDI Tech is a low-cost option that is worth considering and it is available.

Leapfrog Creatr

The Creatr is a a product from Leapfrog, a popular Dutch manufacturer in the 3D Printer industry. This is a high-quality printer that is made of aluminium parts and it is designed to last. You can get it with a single or dual extruder to print in multiple colors at the same time. It is capable of handling a variety of materials including PVA, PLA and ABS. It has great specs for the price and it works in a convenient manner. It is possible to connect to the computer via USB 2.0 interface only. Unfortunately, you won’t find wireless option available till. There are three types of filaments and ě software with the package.

According to Leapfrog, it is possible to install the printer in just about half an hour. It comes fully assembled and calibrated, and it has two software applications that transform your files to 3D print files that Creatr can handle. The issue is that the software is not too easy to use and it can be complicated, particularly for less experienced users. Nevertheless, the product is long-lasting and it offers high quality and excellent performance, specially considering the price.

Leapfrog Creatr HS

This is the latest 3D printer from LeapFrog and it takes the original Creatr to the next level. The HS in the Leapfrog Creatr HS stands for High Speed and it certainly is a fast machine with many benefits to offer. This new 3D printer comes with a double intruder and an LCD screen that lets you manage the device without issues. Apart from offering great printing speeds, one of the best things about this printer is its build quality. It can support multiple materials and it uses 1.75 mm filament. It can print with materials like PLA, HIPS, PET and Nylon. It provides a standard version of Simplify3D, which is easy to use. It offers a great selection of features for a convenient price.

CEL Robox

CEL Robox is an option from CEL, a British company that strives to offer modern, innovative products and this printer is not an exception. The CEL Robox features a solid build and it comes with a great selection of features. It is possibe to pick up the print head, which offers versatility. In addition, there is a special filament conductor available that ensures that the filament goes to the extruder at the right speed, and it can also feed the material at accurate volume. The printer can automatically recognize any filament loaded and it self-adjusts the temperature there. The downside is that it can’t print multiple materials or colors.

MakerBot Replicator 2X

MakerBot offers a series of 3D printers, with the Replicator 2 being one of the most popular options. It features an industrial design with steel frame and LCD screen. This printer is larger than other options available, so it would suit better users who have enough space for it. You can print from an SD card and print mainly on PLA. This is a long-lasting machine, unlike some of the weaker 3D printers on the market. The Replicator 2 is known for being a reliable solution and it offers great quality. It stands out thanks to its accuracy, ease of use and excellent software.

However, there are some flaws that should be noted. There is no heated platform and the model is very noisy. It is also expensive and it would work better for intermediate or advanced users who need a printer for commercial purposes.

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