Earth Day Sale: Independence Day for $0.99 at Google Play, regardless of the holiday

Google is known for its Google Play Store deals, with the search engine giant discounting everything from music to movies and games. Some say that Google does this to clear these titles from its shelves, but that’s not the point; rather, Google does something that I wish a lot of other companies would do with their online services and products. Every now and then, others will offer movie titles for free over the holidays or for a summer discount, but many of those movies are unattractive and weren’t all that popular in their heyday. Usually, you have to pick through the titles to find one that you want — and even then, you don’t want some titles badly enough to pay $10 or more for them. Many discounted movies, TV shows, and games just seem like a bad deal for most customers. The Google Play Store has always been an exception to that, as I’ve always found a few titles (plural, not singular) that I could walk away with and be content.

Earth Day was April 22nd, but you didn’t need me to tell you that, right? Well, on Earth Day, a movie that, ironically, was committed to saving the whole planet (despite its title name that invokes a nationalistic holiday), Google decided to grant a huge discount on a movie. What’s the name of it you ask? Independence Day.

Independence Day Deal Google Play Movies

That’s right: you can now pick up Independence Day from the Google Play Store for just $0.99. Keep in mind though, that the movie is only available in HD (nothing beyond this), but HD isn’t bad on a Quad HD screen. I’ve purchased a season of Game of Thrones in SD (standard definition), and colors seem to be just fine.

If you’re excited about this deal, head on over to the Play Store at the link below to get your copy of Independence Day. Your purchase will save this movie from sitting on Google’s virtual Play Store shelves and fading into history.


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