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Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death: 6 Common Causes and Fixes

If you know Alexa, then probably, you would also know one of its houses – the Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most popular Alexa devices found in the market. It has many different unique features and functions. It could play music, set timers and even answer questions. Though Echo Dot is an amazing technology, just like any other technological product, the Echo Dot also experiences some issues and problems as well. One of the most common issue that you could experience with Echo Dot is the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death. This mentioned issue could be caused by power supply, logic board, wireless connectivity and software issues. For you to be able to fix these issues, you will have to update your software, use correct adapters, change your mobile hotspot and turn off your DND mode. 

If you experience and come across the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death, do not worry as this could still be solved and fixed and through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to fix it. 

What Is the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death?

You would know that you are experiencing the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death as you would see a blue light emitting from the LED lights inside your Echo Dot. The blue light is a notification which means that there is a problem with your device. Another indication that your device is experiencing some issues is when your device would seem to appear as if it is in Do Not Disturb Mode. Though being in a DND mode is not really a problem, it could be difficult to resolve. 

Blue Light on Alexa Won’t Turn Off

When Alexa won’t perform its functions, all you would see is a blue light which won’t turn off. We understand how frustrating this could be. When the blue light won’t turn off and it keeps spinning, this could mean only one thing and that is your Echo Dot is experiencing some problems. These problems could be low power supply, software complications and wireless connectivity issues. Though these issues could sound and seem very serious, do not be alarmed as there are some ways and methods you could follow for you to solve them. 

Common Causes and Fixes

Power Supply Problems and How to Fix Them

One of the most common causes of Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death is power supply issue. This could be due to your device not receiving enough power supply or you have experienced a power surge which could have tripped your circuit breaker. 

Here are some of the causes of low power supply:

  • Faulty AC adapter
  • Defective cable
  • Loose connections

Here are some ways to solve this problem:

  • Ensure that you are using Amazon certified cables
  • Check if there are any links on the cable
  • Ensure all the cables are connected properly
  • Replace cables that are damaged with cracks. Ensure that you replace them with Amazon certified cables. 
  • If your power adapter is faulty, replace it with Amazon Echo Power Adapter. 

Logic Board Problems and How to Fix Them

When your Echo Dot gets power but would not start up due to a bug in the system, this could cause for your Echo Dot to experience the Blue Ring of Death. 

The main reason as to why you would have logic board problems is an electrical short circuit due to water damage or power surge. It could also be due to manufacturing defect. If you are experiencing this, we suggest that you contact Amazon customer care support. 

Keep in mind that if the blue light on your Echo Dot stays on, Alexa Voice Assistant will not work and will not be turned back on. 

Aside from calling the customer care support, you could also solve this issue by solving software issues. 

If you really know that your Echo Dot get wet, unplug your device and wait for about 24 hours before trying to power it again. 

Here are some solutions which you could try to solve issues related to logic board:

  • Open Echo Dot and look for capacitors on the logic board which could appear swollen or leaking. This could be found on the underside of the logic board near the metal frame
  • If you have found symptoms, replace them 
  • If you know that your device is damaged due to water, turn it off and clean the device with dry cloth
  • Drain the liquid and contact customer service for information and replacement options.

You might need help from a professional technician to solve logic board problems. 

Wireless Connectivity Issues and How to Fix Them

Another reason you could be experiencing blue ring of death is due to wireless connection which could cause for the blue light on your Echo Dot to start spinning nonstop. This means, your device cannot work as it is having difficulty in connecting to your internet. 

Here are some ways to solve this issue

  • Power Echo Dot off 
  • Turn it back on 
  • Check if it is working 
  • Check the wireless connection
  • Update Echo Dot firmware 
  • Change the wireless channel
  • Hold down volume buttons for 20 seconds
  • Check if there is an update on Amazon

Software Problems and How to Fix Them

One of the major causes of Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death is due to operating software. There could be some software bugs which could trigger the Blue Ring of Death. It could cause Echo Dot to start without voice or instructions. This could be due to incomplete updates, incompatible apps and even out of date software. It could also be due to deleting software before being able to install a new one. Keep in mind that updates and downgrades could interfere with your software and hardware. To fix this problem, we suggest that you update your software on your Echo Dot as much as you could. You could also reboot your Echo Dot as well. 

Do Not Disturb Mode (DND) and How to Turn It Off

If it is your first time to use Echo Dot, this could be challenging and you could accidentally turn your device into DND mode. If your device is on DND mode, this will trigger for the blue light to turn on as in this mode, Alexa will not be able to respond to any voice commands. 

To turn off your device’s DND mode, just press the mute button which you will be able to find on top of Echo Dot. If you cannot press it, ensure that you uncheck the no interruptions tab on your Alexa app setting. Press voice command to confirm. Turn it off and this would surely fix your blue ring of death issue. 


The blue ring of death is a significantly huge problem which could affect a lot of people who has Echo Dot in their homes. Though this is the case, you would not need to worry as the issue could be solved and there are many methods to fix it. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you a guide on how to fix the mentioned issue/problem.  

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