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How to eject DVD or CD stuck in MacBook Pro

A CD or DVD stuck in MacBook Pro is not an uncommon issue, but it can be very frustrating. Today we present some options that you can try to get the disk out of your MacBook Pro.

Option 1

Press the eject button. Hold down and move up and down as much as possible. Then try to take the CD out.

Option 2

Restart your computer. Hold down the option key and allow some time for the boot drive options to show up.

After that, press the eject key on the keyboard. Once the CD is out, select boot drive and click the arrow key to boot up.

Option 3

Restart your MacBook. After you hear the chime, press and hold the left mouse button until the disk is out.

Option 4

Press the eject button on the keyboard or the menu bar. Then press COMMAND-E.

Option 5

Move the MacBook sideways to make sure that the CD/DVD drive is angled down at a slant as you press your finger up against the bottom of your Mac and into the drive. This should push the disk out.

Option 6

Go to Launchpad, then Utilities and choose disk utilities. Select your disk on the left and click Eject on the top.

Option 7

Open Terminal. Then type this command:

/usr/bin/drutil eject

Option 8

Use ForceEject tool. This is an option that will allow you to eject the disk that is stuck

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