Elden Ring: How to Summon Lone Wolf Spirits

Are you currently exploring the world of Elden Ring and are in the lands between Elden Ring? You are in luck as you could come across some lone wolf ashes. Do not be afraid as these lone wolf spirits are often summoned to fight by your side. Yes, that is right, they are there to help you out in your game. The question now is, how do you actually summon them?

Summoning lone wolf spirits is not as straightforward as any task in Elden Ring, but, do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to summon lone wolf spirits on Elden Ring.

How to Obtain Lone Wolf Ashes

One of the things you would need when summoning lone wolves are lone wolf ashes. Theses could be found as loot drops from enemies or merchants like The Lands Between. As soon as you get your hands on the mentioned ashes, you would need to go to the Site of Grace. Then, you would need to select Ashes of War and Spells on the menu and select Lone Wolf Ashes.

When you encounter any enemy or boss enemy and needed some help, you could summon your Lone Wolf pack. Just ensure that you have enough FP or focus point for you to be able to use this item and activate the ashes.

The wolves would appear by your side and would be ready , waiting for your attack. Keep in mind that the HP could go over time. This is why it is recommended for you to summon them only when you need them the most. Another thing to keep in mind is that these wolves could be knocked out by enemies. Using the spirit ashes such as the lone wolves could help you survive and be at an advantage. Of course make sure that as you progress through your game to save your progress.

Where to Find the Lone Wolf Ashes

Lone Wolf Ashes could be found in different locations across the Lands Between and one of the places where you would be able to find them is in Limgrave which is the third church of Marika. Go into the church and look for the corpse who is holding the spirit ashes. You would have to talk to the corpse for you to be able to get the Lone Wolf Ashes.

Another place where you could get the ashes is near the Minor Erdtree in eastern Limgrave. You would need to defeat the Erdtree Burial Watchdog and check if ashes would drop as a loot. You could also go and rest at the Site of Grace and go back and check for the ashes near the watchdog.

  • In Caelid, check the isolated shark. It would be in the southern part of the region. The ashes would be with a corpse.
  • In Liurnia, at the minor Erdtree near the Artist’s shack. The ashes could be found on the ground after defeating the Erdtree Burial Watchdog.

Once you have the ashes, go and start summoning your Lone Wolf spirits at the Site of Grace or while you are exploring or when needed. To do this, all you need to do is open your inventory, select the Spirit Ashes item and select summon the wolves. As soon as you summon them, they would help you attack your enemies. Keep in mind that the more you use them the more power they will have.

Requirements to Summon Lone Wolf Spirits

Have the Lone Wolf Ashes item

One of the most important things you would need when summoning lone wolf spirits is the Lone Wolf Ashes. These ashes could be found in Limgrave. You would need to defeat the Lone Wolf enemy for you to be able to access these ashes.

Have enough FP

Focus points are very important. You would need it to be replenished by flask or Cerulean Tears. This means, you have to ensure that you have at least 35 FP available. If not, unfortunately, you would not be able to summon the Lone Wolf.

Be in an area that allows summoning

Keep in mind that you could only summon the Lone Wolf in certain parts of the game. In fact, you could only summon them in lands between usually in dungeons, caves and in open world areas. If you see the icon next to your HP bar glowing, then, this is an indication that you could summon the spirits.

Look for the Summoning Stake

The summoning stake is a tool which allows you to summon your spirit companions. It is a wooden post with blue runes. Stand near the stake. Open your inventory and select Lone Wolf.

  • The Lone Wolf will appear and it will take your side to help you fight. It would attack your enemies until they get eliminated or until you go to the Site of Grace.
  • You could have a maximum of two spirits summoned at once.
  • Pay attention to the Lone Wolf’s health bar. Keep in mind that you might need to use another Flask of Cerulean Tears to re-summon your wolf.

How to Summon the Lone Wolf Spirits

As mentioned earlier, for you to be able to summon the Lone Wolf Spirits, you must need to have the Lone Wolf Ashes. Once you get them, you would have to use them and to do that, you would need to follow the steps below:

Find the Lone Wolf Ashes

These could be found in Limgrave in the chest near the Third Church of Marika. Go to the church and search for the chest which could be found on the cliff behind it.

Activate the Ashes at Site of Grace

With your ashes, go to the Site of Grace. Select Ashes of War and select Lone Wolf Ashes. You spirits would be summoned.

Use the Spiritcaller Bell to Summon the Lone Wolf Spirits during battle. Just ring the bell to summon the two spirits.

Upgrade the Spirits for More Power

For you to ensure that your spirits are at their upmost condition, we suggest for you to upgrade your ashes at the Site of Grace. To do this, select Ashes of War and click on upgrade ashes to use Ghost Glovewort to increase and upgrade your spirits. This will increase your spirits’ health, damage and abilities.

Strategies for Using Lone Wolf Spirits in Battle

Choose the right spirit for the situation

There are different types of lone wolf ashes – Demi-Huma, Vulgar Militia and Banished Knight. Each and every type has their own attack power, survivability and agility. Ensure that you use the correct spirit that would complement your playstyle.

Upgrade your spirit ashes

As mentioned earlier, it is best to upgrade your spirit ashes. This way, they would last longer in the battle and would provide more damage.

Deploy your spirit at the right time

Make sure that you summon your spirit only when needed and at the right time. This way you could maximize them and would help you when you need it the most.

Fight alongside your spirit

Do not let your spirits do all the work. For best results, fight with them and work as a team. This would help you defeat your enemies faster and effectively.

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