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A clean home is a happy home, but when we lead a hectic lifestyle, having time to keep our house sparkling clean can be difficult. Even if you find time to vacuum and mop, chances are that you have to do it in a hurry and don’t get to clean everything perfectly. If you are tired of dealing with heavy vacuum cleaners and old brooms that only spread dust around your house, there is a convenient solution that will help you to keep your floors clean without hassle. We are talking about electric brooms, also known as vacuum sweepers, electric sweepers or carpet sweeper. A electric broom is a combination of broom and vacuum. It offers the suction power of a vacuum, without the roller and beater. Instead, it has the head of a broom and a handle without a dust cup. Ease of use and lightweight design are some of the advantages of electric brooms. They can remove small pieces of debris and dirt on most kinds of floors. Some options can even be used on carpets. We offer a list of the best electric vacuums available, but first, let’s talk about the benefits of using these machines and the criteria that you need to keep in mind when purchasing one of them.

What to consider about when choosing an electric broom?

As you can imagine, an electric broom doesn’t work like a standard vacuum. It is designed to remove small messes and small debris such as pet hair, crumbs, dirt and dust. However, it is not the ideal choice for large debris since it may end up getting stick in the machine’s brushes. Although electric brooms don’t offer the most powerful suction, they work really well on hard floors and low-pile carpets, but are not helpful when it comes to cleaning high-pile carpets. If you need to clean your entire home thoroughly, a regular vacuum cleaner would be the way to go. With that being said, stick vacuum can be very useful and they are the best choice when you need to remove small messes in a quick way. They are lightweight and easy to use. You can find corded and cordless models, and they are also designed to be easily stored. We will take a look at the advantages of electric brooms below:

Easy to use

One of the main advantages of an electric sweeper broom is that it can be used easily thanks to its lightweight, portable design. You can take it to any area of the house without hassle. Since the power button is generally located on the top of the handle, you don’t need to bend over to switch the machine on or off. In addition, the majority of models don’t have cords so you can move the sweeper around different areas smoothly and there is no risk of tripping over and getting injured.

Saves you time

With an electric broom, you can save time as you only need to take it out of the storage room or closet and then you can switch it on and get rid of the mess. You can empty it easily and in most cases, you don’t even have to touch the dirt. Simply remove the cup and dump the dirt.

Consume less electricity than a traditional vacuum

With an electric sweeper, you don’t use as much electricity since it uses rechargeable batteries. There are batteries that last for an hour before you need to recharge them.

Ideal for users with mobility issues

If you suffer from back pain, can’t make a lot of effort due to shoulder or arm pain, an electric sweeper can be a convenient solution. The fact that they are lightweight and easy to use, will allow you to keep your home sparkling. It is a practical choice for wheelchair users, as well.

Easy to store

Electric brooms are lightweight and don’t require too much storage space. You can easily fit them into small spaces such as a closet. It is even possible to hang them behind a door.

What to consider when buying an electric sweeper

Suction power

This is another important part as it allows you to keep hardwood floors sparkling and it also ensures that you can clean areas where dirt is usually accumulated and where it tends to stick. The best options are capable of picking crumbs from carpets, as well as pet hair, larger pieces of dirt and more.


One of the things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing an electric broom is whether you want a corded or a cordless model. In general, cordless devices are preferred due to their portability, but it is important to choose an option that has long-lasting battery and that can be easily charged. On the other hand, cordless models are more limited in terms of mobility, particularly if the cord is not too long. If you choose a corded model, make sure that the cord is long enough to clean around your house without hassle. A model that has a cord that automatically retracts is the best choice.

Operating time

It is also important to consider for how long does the electric broom can work on a single charge. It should give you enough time to clean the floor so it is advisable to look for a solution that offers an operating time of at least one hour with a single charge.

Special technologies

In order to get the best possible experience with an electric broom, it is advisable to go for a solution that supports special features such as cyclonic technology, which can filter air sucked into it effectively and that traps dirt and debris, preventing it from being released into the air.

Design and maneuverability

A model that is lightweight and that gives you flexibility around the house can make your life considerably easier. Make sure that you select an option that suits your home and your cleaning needs. With a good electric broom, you will be able to clean small areas, including thigh spaces.


You also need an option that can clean different areas so that you can clean hard floors, as well as carpets effectively. There are models that have wide nozzles that minimize the amount of passes made while getting rid of debris. Look for a device with a design that allows you to clean narrow and wide spaces.


It is important to look for an electric broom that has high quality batteries and that is made to last. Ideally, the dust collection cup should be easy to empty. This is important since the majority of electric brooms are bagless so the canister should be easy to empty.


Since stick vacuums are meant to sweep hard floors, they come with a brush system that allows you to move across hard floors without leaving marks and scratches. The majority of models are used on lower pile carpets or rugs, but you can switch off the brush system in some of them so that they can be used on carpeted floors for even cleaning.


A handle that offers a comfortable grip will make things more convenient when you are using an electric broom, even if you only need to clean a minor mess. The majority of handles come with soft padding and are telescopic to avoid back pain when sweeping.

Easy to empty

In order to empty the majority of carpet sweepers, you need to detach the removable bin once it has reached its capacity. Think about how large the bin should be to suit your needs and if you need HEPA filtration. In general, this is preferred because it helps to get rid of the majority of the allergens in the air.


Although broom vacuums usually include the same attachments that you get with traditional vacuums, you need to decide how many and which attachments you really need, depending on your specific needs and your budget.

Bag free

Instead of bags, electric brooms come with collection canisters. Although electric sweepers can’t hold as much dirt as regular vacuums, their collection canister should have a capacity of at least 1 Lt so that you don’t need to empty it constantly.

Best Electric Sweepers/Brooms for your home

Electrolux Ergorapido – 2 in 1 stick and handheld vacuum

If you have a carpet and need a convenient way to clean it, the Electrolux Ergorapido – 2 in 1 stick and handheld vacuum could be just what you need. It is an effective solution to clean hardwood floors as well and it offers top performance 10.8V Li ion turbo power battery that allows you to enjoy optimal cleaning power. After a quick charge, you will be able to use it for over 20 minutes. The Ergorapido works on a bagless cyclonic system that gives you steady suction power that consistently removes dirt and dust at home. This electric broom focuses is the ideal choice for those who want to keep their home’s floors clean in an easy way. This 2-in 1 cordless stick vacuum gives you the convenience of two kinds of vacuum cleaners in a single device. Apart from allowing you to clean bare floors, its detachable handheld version can be used to clean other surfaces.


This cordless stick vacuum cleaner features Hoover’s unique WindTunnel technology. It uses an interchangeable Li-on battery that allows you to use the machine without the need for an outlet, which also means that it offers sustained cleaning power. Thanks to its Cyclonic Filtration Edge cleaning bristles and One Touch Brush roll activation, it can clean walls and corners completely. The Hoover stick vacuum also comes with a low profile base that reclines fully to allow you to clean under furniture without hassle. In addition, the Wide Mouth Opening can cover larger surfaces in less time. The device’s power controls are easy to reach and to manage. You can empty the dirt accumulated without too much mess, using the bottom release dirt cup. Thanks to the fuel gauge, you will know when you need to remove and recharge the battery.

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 corded upright stick & handheld vacuum cleaner

The VonHaus 600W is considered as the best option for hardwood floors. It is lightweight and it is capable of removing dirt effortlessly, thanks to the 130 Air Watts of suction power that it offers. The machine can move smoothly over multiple surfaces and it has impressive suction capacity, which makes it ideal to clean carpets, hardwood floors and more. You can use it like a traditional cleaner at full length or as a handheld one. All you have to do is to remove the extension tube. The carpet sweeper includes a large power cord, crevice tool, shoulder strap, hose adaptor and a small brush attachment for handheld use. This lightweight carpet sweeper can also be used on drape and furniture. The dust container can be easily removed and it has a large capacity. Thanks to its HEPA filtration and sponge system, which locks in small particles, it can help to stop bacteria from spreading.

Dirt Devil SD205505 Power Air Corded Bagless

This affordable stick vacuum is perfect for cleaning small messes quickly and it works great on hard floors. Thanks to its size and design, it can also be the best choice for small spaces. With its 10 amp motors, the Dirt Devil SD205505 can offer constant, powerful suction on hard floors. It is very lightweight so you can move it around the house without hassle. Its Low Profile Nozzle allows you to remove dirt and dust under furniture. Since it is bagless, you won’t need to worry about emptying dirt bags since all the accumulated dirt ends up in its dirt cup. which you can easily empty by simply pressing a button. You can clean large areas with only a few passes thanks to the Dirt Devil SD205505’s 11″ cleaning path. The Cyclonic Filtration system can cut through dirt with constant powerful suction.

Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-one vacuum and steam mop

With this powerful vacuum and steam mop, you can thoroughly clean hard floors in just one step. It can suck dirt and debris, but that is not all. In addition, it can steam, which saves you time on your housekeeping chores. Apart from removing dirt, it sanitizes the floor with water and gets rid of germs and bacteria without using any nasty chemicals. Its Easy Touch Digital Controls allow you to change functions when in use, making sure that you can sweep and steam at the same time, or separately, if needed. The
Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-one vacuum and steam mop also has a 5-way adjustable handle and Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray with 4 mop pads, which provides for easy storage after use. There are 4 mop pods that can be washed and replaced. Two of them are designed for scrubbing and the other two are soft, to provide gentle cleaning for delicate floors.

Bissell Natural Sweep 92N0A – Dual Brush Sweeper

Bissell makes it to the list again with this classic cleaning solution that works as an effective sweeping method, based on the original carpet sweepers used over a century ago. The Bissell Natural Sweep 92N0A is the ideal choice for easy and fast cleaning on a daily basis as it can help you to remove pet hair, crumbs, dirt and more. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around the house. This is great since this vacuum sweep can be used on a variety of surfaces including carpets and hard floors. It is also a green solution since it is made of 100% recycled plastic and doesn’t contain PVC. In addition, it doesn’t produce any waste. It uses back and forth passes to sweep up large debris such as beads and crumbs, as well as small debris like pet hair and dust. While it is not really an electric broom (it requires no electricity), it is a practical solution for any home.

Bissell Poweredge 81L2A

If you are looking for the best option to clean laminate floors, specially if you have pets, you need to try the Bissell Poweredge 81L2A. It is a convenient and effective solution to keep your home tidy as it can capture the same amount of dirt and debris that can be collected with brooms and dustpans. Thanks to its V-shape, it can direct larger debris into the center suction path. The ends can capture fine debris along edges and baseboards without requiring any attachment. The Bissell Poweredge 81L2A is capable of collecting more pet hair, thanks to its suction and rubber wipers, which can collect hair easily. With its unique design and swivel head, the Bissell Poweredge 81L2A is a convenient choice to clean around furniture and along edges and narrow areas. While it does its best on hard floors, it is also possible to use it for cleaning low pile area rugs.

Shark Navigator SV1106 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Here is another powerful and effective solution to get rid of pet hair around your home. The Shark Navigator SV1106 Cordless Stick Vacuum can remove pet hair form any surface and it features a powerful motorized 2-speed brush roll that is designed to clean carpets and bare floors effortlessly. In addition, this machine offers an incredible suction power and it offers continuous performance. Its flexible, lightweight, cordless design make it a solution to clean all the rooms in your house without issues. With the Shark Navigator SV1106 Cordless Stick Vacuum, you can collect more dust without having to empty it too often. When needed, you can empty it without having to touch the dirt. Another advantage of this machine is that its advanced swivel steering allows you to have greater control while cleaning around furniture. The brush is powerful enough to remove pet hair from carpets.

Shark Rocket HV303

This ultra-lightweight upright vacuum can be used as a hand vacuum to clean floors and others areas around the house. You can enjoy complete control when using the Shark Rocket HV303 thanks to its swivel steering, which allows you to clean around furniture easily. It comes with a Dust-Away hard floor attachment that has one washable microfiber pad that can pick up large debris and fine dust from bare floors effectively. The extendable want allows to access areas that difficult to reach and with the fingertip control, you can easily switch between hand floors to carpet when using this electric broom. You can store the Shark Rocket HV303 by attaching it to the bottom of the wand or you can secure it to the wall mount.

What is better – A regular vacuum cleaner of an electric broom?

Each of these options has its own advantages and in most cases, it would be ideal to have both of them. In genera, electric brooms can be the best choice to clean hard surface areas such as kitchens and bathroom floors, while carpeted areas can be better cleaned with a vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners have stronger suction power and large canister bags. Since most of them have a cord, they have unlimited operating time. The downside is that they are less portable, consume more energy and are noisy. In addition, you need to change the heads to clean different areas. The thin nozzles of an electric broom allow you to clean even tight corners at home, unlike standard vacuums.

Electric sweeper brooms have the power button on the handle, which means that you don’t need to bend to switch them on. You don’t need to empty dust bags and you just clean the dust bin when needed.

If you have a large house, the strong power suction and larger capacity of a vacuum cleaner may be better as it allows you to cover all areas. On the other hand, with an electric broom you can easily clean corners and small spaces. They are lightweight and easy to manage.

Electric sweepers usually work with batteries and need to be charged after a few hours of use. Most of them are cordless, which can be very convenient. There are some standard vacuums that are cordless, but most of them have cord.

You can easily store an electric sweeper or stick vacuum since you only need to put it away and store it. However, a standard vacuum may need a larger storage space and you need to retract or wrap the cord.

Vacuum cleaners can be heavy and less practical to use, not to mention that they are more expensive and consume more electricity. In order to get an advanced, high quality model, you need to be prepared to pay a high amount of money. Electric or carpet sweepers are more affordable and require less power.


Electric sweepers offer many advantages and they can be convenient for different households. While they don’t offer the same high capacity as traditional vacuums, they are perfect for cleaning small messes. They are also affordable and practical, which makes them an option that may work better in many cases.

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