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Electrolux Home Review — Smart Appliances for Tiny Spaces

Known for old school and reliable home appliances, Electrolux has ventured into offering products that can fit tight spaces. The New Electrolux home appliances certainly has space saving in its must have qualities to make sure that everybody can have quality appliances even if they are limited in space.


In the last KBIS show in Las Vegas, the old and reliable brand has launched their New Electrolux home appliances. Electrolux did not just introduce one new item, they introduced three new products to add in their roster of trusted home appliances.

Pros and Cons 

Two of the new products that were introduced as part of the New Electrolux home appliances were free-standing ranges. The free-standing ranges were to be made available for purchase in electric and gas models. This means that anybody can use it and will not be limited to just one model.

Since the new products they introduced are compact and available in both electric and gas models this means that renovating or updating your home appliances with their new offerings will be a breeze and hassle free. Aside from being compact the two New Electrolux home appliances are also packed with other features.

The new Electrolux stoves have ovens with temperature probes that help food monitoring while baking easy. It also features two large burner dials.

The other product introduced its compact washer and dryer combo. This new compact washer and dryer combo has advanced cleaning abilities and even has deep steam purging for stubborn dirt and grime. Because the washer is compact it can also easily fit into any home regardless if you are living in a tight space or in a big home.

The downside of the New Electrolux home appliances introduced is that it is expensive. All three are available in the market already. The ranges cost $2,399 for the gas powered one and $2,199, for the electric powered one. The new compact washer on the other hand is sold at $999.


First, for the New Electrolux home free-standing ranges. If you are willing to splurge money to buy this new item then you can go ahead and purchase it. However if you really don’t need to update your range there will be no reason to throw your old one away just to get a new compact one.

On the other hand if you are an owner of a new home you can consider these free-standing ranges if you want to save space and if you love cooking and baking. However, if you love take out best is to just purchase a lower end range that you can use for special occasions.

Second, for the washer and dryer combo, this may seem a bit too much if you are living by yourself if you are looking at cost efficiency. You can buy a lower end one, or just visit a laundry mat to wash your clothes. The new Electrolux home washer and dryer combo will be perfect for those who are planning on having a big family in the future or are living with a lot of kids already.

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