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How to enable Guest Mode for Android – Inbuilt or Non-inbuilt feature

Setting up Guest Mode for Android is simple and here, you will learn how to do it. It is possible to add Guest Mode password to secure your device. Just download the app to activate Guest Mode on Android and you will be able to enjoy its practical functionality on your Samsung Galaxy, HTC and other Android devices. Before we talk about the easy trick that you can use to enable Guest Mode, let’s find out more about what this options offers.

What is Guest Mode Android?

Android is a mobile operating system that is widely used and while iOS is also very popular, there is no doubt that Android still holds the leading place. The convenience, affordability and flexibility of Android appeals to the majority of users. Since mobile phones have become such an important part of our lives, we all keep important data on our devices. It is likely that you have some files that you want to keep private and that you prefer not to share with anyone else. This is when using Guest Mode for Android can be the most practical solution. With Guest Mode for Android, you can limit the access to your data. If you lend your smartphone to someone else and it is set in guest mode, they can only see the files and apps that you have set to allow access. The Guest Mode simply limits user’s privilege, which helps you to keep certain information protected.

How can you setup Guest Mode for Android?

There are two ways in which you can setup guest mode for Android and the method you can use will depend on the device you have. Some Android devices include this feature by default, but there are cases in which you need to download it. We’ll also talk about the process to remove guest mode, guest mode password and download guest mode apk. But first, let’s go through the method to setup guest mode when the feature is built into the device.

Setting up Guest Mode – Built into Android Phones

There are some smartphones such as the Samsung S6 and J7, which come with the Guest Mode feature. Many LG and Gionee phones also include this feature, but in general, only the devices that are running Android Marshmallow have it.

Guest mode in Samsung Galaxy S6, Gionee and other Android devices

The devices that offer guest mode by default include the following: Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Gionee S6, Gionee E6, Gionee S6 Pro, LG G2 and LG G3. This is not a complete list but it can be said that the majority of phones of these brands (Samsung, Gionee and LG) come with this feature.

If your phone has the Guest Mode feature already, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Swipe down the notification bar
  2. Tap on your avatar icon twice
  3. You will see three options. Here you need to select Add guest.
  4. That is all. Your phone should be now set to work in guest mode.

Setting up Guest Mode – Android Phones that don’t come with this feature built in

There are some devices that don’t come with the guest mode feature. In this cases, you can opt for an app. You can find both official apps on Google Play Store, as well as APK apps from other sources. One of the options that you can try is Guest Mode – AppLock Privacy, which can be downloaded here:

Alternatively, you can simply look for Guest mode for Android and go through the results offered by Google.

  1. Once you choose the guest mode app you want to use, download and install it on your Android device.
  2. Launch the app, click on the + icon and select the apps that you want to allow other users to access while guest mode is enabled.
  3. Click on APPLY and then click NEXT.
  4. Select the timer according to your preferences.
  5. You will get a password. The password will be the repeating number of timer that you have selected. For instance, if you selected 7, the password would be 77.
  6. Now your phone should in in Guest Mode.

Guest Mode Password

If it is the first time that you are using the guest mode for Android, it is important that you understand how to use it for Android’s password. As mentioned before, keep in mind that the timer that you select is the number that repeated, will be used as your password. If the timer you chose is 10, the password will be 1010. The app detects the timer that you selected automatically.

How to remove Guest Mode

If preferred, you can also remove Guest Mode, following some simple steps. You just need to do the below in order to remove the guest mode in Android.

  1. Click on the notification bar
  2. Select the guest mode icon
  3. Enter your password (the timer twice)
  4. That is all, now the guest mode should be disabled.

The above guide will help you to set up Guest Mode on your Android device. This can give you peace of mind when you need to share your phone with someone else for a few minutes. You can decide what apps they can use and keep other data private.

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