Energizer XP Series XP1000 Power Pack Review — It’ll Keep All Your Gadgets Alive With Power to Spare

When it comes to ordinary batteries, the type you use to power up simple household electronics devices, Energizer has always been a brand of choice. This time around, it has decided to expand to support modern gadgets in the form of the Energizer XP Series, with models such as XP1000 for the quick power-up, and XP18000A for a more powerful backup of practically all your devices.

The Energizer XP Series comes with a lot of unique features and specifications that set it apart from other external battery packs. You need to know, however, that the XP1000, which sells at $25 has its own differences with the power-packed XP18000A, priced at $149 on Amazon, although normally at $179. So you better read on to find out why the Energizer XP Series if for you and to know which model you should be using based on your personal needs.

Product Description and Specifications

It should be understood that the XP1000 under the Energizer XP Series pertains to a more lightweight source of power, whose features are likely lesser than the XP18000A. For the purpose of this review, the Energizer XP18000A will be given more focus. This device weighs about 1-pound and measures 7.1×4.3×0.7 inches, noting that its height is very thin, which makes it fit nicely in a laptop bag compartment.

-Multiple Tips and Connectors 

All your devices will no longer have to face losing their battery completely as long as you have the Energizer XP series power pack with you. The XP18000A is accompanied by various connectors for phones, notebooks, and other portable devices. You might even be surprised that there are tips for old models of phones. If you happen to have one, you’re in luck.

-Flexible Charging Setup 

The Energizer XP Series gives you the security of being able to leave your notebook’s power brick behind when you head out. This is because the XP18000A can be plugged to a power outlet while charging your computer at the same time. More so, this power pack from the Energizer XP Series allows you to charge up to 3 devices.

The Good and The Bad 

-The Good 

First off, the XP18000A from the Energizer XP series is one of the few power packs capable of charging laptops; and is able to carry out an impressive job at it. This also works as an alternative to a notebook battery.

So rather than buying a new battery for your computer, just use the Energizer XP series! While there are still a lot of good things this has to offer, one worth mentioning is the fact that a fully-charged XP18000A will go a long way – like an entire weekend to keep all your gadgets functional.

-The Bad 

Some tips may not be available in the package of the Energizer XP series. Nonetheless, the XPAL tip finder is an easy source that could provide what you need at a reasonable offer.


It is very clear that the Energizer XP Series has brought a powerful set of power packs. The XP1000 would be ideal for your simple charges. On the other hand, the XP18000A serves as a powerful energy source for all the gadgets you are using.


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