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How to Enlarge Instagram Profile Picture of Strangers Following You?

One thing that Instagram does not let you do is enlarging one’s profile picture no matter if you are following them or not. At times, this could be annoying and frustrating especially when you have a few friends who have the same identical usernames which makes it very difficult to tell them apart.

Aside from that, most Instagram users, view their Instagram on their smartphones and most of the times you would come access profile pictures which comes with 50×50 pixel picture and unfortunately, you cannot even zoom or click them. Though this is the case, your picture or image would still be uploaded in full resolution and the API could still be used to retrieve the image.

In this article, we will not deal with any code but rather we shall use three simple methods and they are the following:

1. Enlarge Instagram Profile Picture on Desktop

Though Instagram is created for mobile use, you will still be able to access it on your desktop browser. Through your desktop browser, you will also be able to look at profile picture of any account you wish to check. Unfortunately, you would only be able to see the image in compressed view of 150px wide. Hence, we suggest to use This site could show you HD image using Instagram API. Aside from that, this site could also be used on your mobile as well.

For you to view a profile picture of an Instagram user, all you need to do is the following:

– Go to on your web browser

– Enter the Instagram username of the profile picture you wish to view

– Click on the profile you wish to see in high definition

If you wish, you could also schedule posts and view insights on your desktop.

2. How to Enlarge Instagram Profile Picture with InstaProfile

InstaProfile is available on both Android and iOS. For you to be able to use InstaProfile you will need to:

– Download the app

– Install the app

– Tap on the app icon

– Run the app

– Enter the username of the profile you wish to view on the textbox

– Press enter

– Choose and tap the profile from the list of possible results

Through InstaProfile, you will be able to see images in HD version and will let you see the images clearer. You will also be able to download their profile picture by tapping the download button. Furthermore, through this app, you will be able to search, view and delete the search history. You could also enable dark mode option by going to Instaprofile, selecting settings and toggle on the night mode.

3. Use Qeek Enlarge Instagram Profile Picture

Qeek is another great app option to enlarge Instagram picture. It is available on both Android and iOS. Just like Instaprofile, you could look for a profile by just typing the username and you will be able to see high quality profile picture. All you need to do is the following:

– Install the app on your device

– Open the app

– Enter the username on the textbox

– The app will provide you a list of profiles which you could choose from

– If you wish to view profile pictures in HD, unfortunately, you will need to purchase this app one time. It would only cost you about $1.99.


It is so frustrating that profile pictures in Instagram could not be zoomed in nor could be enlarged. The good news is there are several apps which are available that could help you do this. We hope that through our guide above, we were able to help you find an app that is suitable to your needs.

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