Acer’s Predator 21 X Is a Monster Gaming Laptop

Acer has unveiled a monster of a machine in Predator 21 X. The beast of a laptop weighs 8kg (17 pounds) and features a 21-inch curved screen – the world’s first. The laptop also features a 7th generation Intel Core K-series processor, up to 64GB of DDR4-2400 RAM (has four DIMM slots), up to 4TB of SSD storage with RADI-0 support,  and two GeForce GTX1080 GPUs in SLI. It also has a Cherry MX key switches and RGB backlighting, an HD webcam, a number pat that flips over into a touchpad and a 4.2 audio system.

During its unveiling in Berlin, Acer acknowledged that the laptop was more of a proof of engineering acumen than any kind of ‘big seller’ retail product. The laptop only supports the latest, most demanding PC games. To Acer, it is not just a souped-up machine but also a symbol that the company is focused on hardcore gaming, where gamers are willing to pay more for the fastest and most powerful machine. A product like this, coming to a stagnant market can inspire players to buy.

Interested gamers can start ordering Predator 21 X starting in January next year. Though it measures 568 * 314 * 83.5 mm (w*d*h), it is amazing how it has accommodated all these components plus a five-fan cooling system with three AeroBlade metal fans. Acer did not disclose the exact price of the laptop, though Predator 21 X is expected to cost more than $5000. Other Predator laptops usually range between $2000 and $3000 and usually have lesser features in comparison to Predator 21 X.

Since last year’s relaunch of the Predator brand by Acer, the company has introduced a number of Predator products including superfast desktop PCs and monitors. This move is essential since according to an IDC research it does not fall in the top five PC maker.

Watch this video for additional features of the laptop.

Featured Image Credit: theVerge


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