According to Apple, only 9 users were affected with bendgate problem

Apple has finally reported to the bendgate issue found on both the models of iPhone 6 and according to Apple, only 9 users have reported back to them with the bending issue which is not a big number considering the amount of iPhone 6 devices that Apple sold in a week, which is 10 million.

Apple also said that the bending issues is very rare and would only be found on some devices as mentioned which is around 9 so far. People have been deliberating testing their iPhone 6 models on YouTube channels for bending by applying the amount of force to bend an iPhone 6 that a phone never goes through in normal circumstances. Apple also said that their iPhone 6 is built with using steel/titanium inserts and the strongest glass in the industry in order to prevent all the issues that a lot of people are talking about on the internet.

Apple also said that they have used high quality materials in the construction of the new iPhone 6 and guarantees that the phone would never deform in a normal condition as they have designed the phone and used such materials that would prevent the phone from deforming or bending under normal conditions that also includes putting your phone in your pocket.

If Apple is right and the number of people affected so far are only 9 in number then it must be a manufacturing fault with those phones only or maybe people are doing this just to get famous on the internet. Apple will also replace the phone of those users who have faced bending on their iPhone 6 models but the company will first test these phones to see if they were really affected or not.

Are you an owner of iPhone 6? If Yes, then have you faced bending issues on your smartphone or not.

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