Best Apps to Find Public Restroom Near Me on Android and iOS

Sometimes we do not know when nature would call and when you feel the urge, you could not do anything but find the nearest restroom or hold it as much as you could.

Unfortunately, some public restrooms are not hygienic, but if you need to go, you will have to go. We know this situation is something universal and is something experienced by many. Hence, we shall provide you a list of apps which could help you out in this kind of situations.

The apps that we will feature in this article include city maps with restrooms and toilets marked on them.

Find Public Restroom Near Me

1. Google Maps

Google Maps come with real time traffic, location, local reviews, traffic prediction and many more. It also has the ability to help you find public restrooms near you.

If you are in India or visiting India, you would find it convenient that the Indian government and Swatch Bharat has partnered with Google maps which means they currently have over 50,000 database of public toilets in about 2,300 cities in India. All you need to do is type public toilets on the search option on Google Maps and you are good to go.

Tip: It could be difficult to find a public restroom compared to finding fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC or malls and petrol stations. Though it is not recommended to use them but in case of call of nature emergency, they are good options.

2. SitOrSquat

This app could help you find public washrooms near you. You could download it on Android and iOS devices. This app is created by Charmin, a toilet paper company.

SitOrSquat has about 100,000 restrooms marked on their map. Aside from that, you will also be able to see your ETA just like in Google maps. Another amazing feature of this app is that it comes with a rating system and see if the restroom is worth sitting or just squatting on. If you are highly concerned about how dirty the public restroom you will be going to, this app is highly recommended.

3. Flush

This app is easy to use. Its interface is user-friendly as well. Hence, if you are under pressure, do not worry as Flush would come to your rescue. It is fast and works offline as well. This app comes with a database of over 400,000 toilets and restrooms all over the world. It also uses Google Maps for directions. This app is a time save and is also disabled-friendly as well. This app is offered for free but is supported by advertisements.

4. Toilet Finder

This app will help you find a toilet near you. It comes with a database of 150,000 restrooms marked on their map. Another amazing feature of this app is that it has a smart assistant. All you need to do is say Hello and the GPS will automatically look for a public toilet near you.

Toilet finder comes with a rating system which means you will know if the toilet near you is clean enough. Aside from that Toilet Finder also marks if the restroom near you could be used for free or is paid or is handicap accessible. The only thing that Toilet Finder that does not have is ETA.

5. Where Is Public Toilet

This app comes with a filter option which allows you to find toilets that are specific for men or women only, unisex and/or handicap accessible. You will also be able to check if the restroom has a sharps disposal unit fitted or not. It also comes with information such as cost, nearby parking, baby change area, showers and even drinking water.

Through this app, you will be able to find any public washroom, restroom or toilet near you. It offers 280,000 location marks and it also allows you to see Google Street View as well.

The only downside of this app is its UI which is a bit a little outdated. If you are not that concerned about it, Where is Public Toilet is an amazing app.

6. Got to Go

Got to Go is formerly known as Where to Wee, It comes with huge database but unfortunately it is restricted to North America only. Got to Go offers a detailed map that includes restrooms, toilets, cafes, restaurants and many more. If you are planning on a road trip, we highly recommend Got to Go.

Got to Go has a list of Cintas Sponsored Best Restroom- award winning restrooms and toilets across North America which means if you want to find clean toilets, Got to Go is the best go to app.


That concludes our list of best apps which could help you find public restrooms near your location. We hope that this article has helped you especially when you need to find a toilet or restroom quickly and one that would suit you.

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