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Many people consider their smartphones as their most valuable possession and it is not difficult to see why. Our phones allow us to access several apps and services that we use on a daily basis. We also keep a lot of important information on our devices and if we leave home without them, we may feel a bit lost. Not to mention that we may worry about others trying to check the content on our phones. Protecting sensitive data is crucial and thankfully, there are Android apps that allow you to lock apps using a password, fingerprint scanner, a pin and other methods. We will go through a list of convenient apps that help you to ensure that other people can’t see what’s on your phone, even if they have the device in their hands.


Millions of users rely on AppLock by DoMobile Lab and the popularity of this app is well justified. It enables you to lock not only apps, but also other data on your Android phone including call logs. With AppLock, you can configure multiple lock profiles for different purposes such as work or home. You can also adjust the settings to ensure that the app locking is activated at a specific time or location. The app can be hidden and you can ensure that it is not uninstalled. There is a power saving mode that helps you to prevent your battery from draining. AppLock is free to download and it also comes with a photo and video vault to protect your media.


Liquidum Limited developed Hexlock, a relatively new app that has gathered a lot of attention lately. Hexlock is gaining popularity thanks to its fantastic interface and practical features that allow you to lock apps with pin, pattern or fingerprint protection. It is possible to set different profiles including options like Home, Work, School and Parental. This lets you choose the level of protection that you want to use, depending of the situation. The profiles can be automatically enabled based on the WiFi network you are connected to. Other features include uninstall prevention and the possibility of capturing photos of whoever tries to check your phone without your permission.

Norton App Lock

Norton is a well-known name when it comes to security and anti-virus protection. Their app locker reflects the company’s commitment to help users to defend themselves against security threats. The app is simple and effective, allowing you to lock apps using a pattern, a pin or fingerprint. You can also prevent uninstall and set a recovery email. The app also takes photos of those who try to access your phone’s data and fail to enter the right code.

Privacy Knight AppLock

This free app was created by Taobao, which is part of the Alibaba Group, one of the largest companies in Asia and the world. Privacy Knight allows users to lock apps using a variety of methods including fingerprint, pin/pattern, crash message and even face tracking. With this practical privacy solution, you can lock apps, as well as incoming calls and other data. You can adjust the settings to ensure that the app is not uninstalled and the app can be disguised. It is also possible to hide notifications from apps like WhatsApp. Furthermore, if someone tries to access the content on your phone and they enter the wrong password, Privacy Knight takes a photo of the culprit.

AppLock: Fingerprint & Pin

This app created by KewlApps may not have a modern interface, but it offers good functionality and it is another option that is worth considering when it comes to app lockers. AppLock gives you the possibility of setting custom lock settings on each app individually. This means that you can select fingerprint as a lock method for one app, while the other is secured with a pattern. The app also supports crash cover, re-lock delay and other options.

AppLock – Fingerprint

SpSoft brings another effective solution to lock the apps and other data on your Android device. It has a high rating on Google Play thanks to its good selection of features including pin, fingerprint scanner and the possibility of setting up profiles according to your preferences. You can set the app locks to be enabled at a specific time, or based on the Bluetooth or WiFi connection that you are using. You can also hide the app, unlock a phone remotely via SMS and take photos of anyone who tries to unlock your phone and fails to enter the correct details.


This app locker by Maxr1998 offers great features, although it should be noted that it requires rooting. Based on Xposed Framework, this app offers fantastic functionality for rooted Android devices. In order to use it, you will also need Xposed installed on your device and the locking methods supported include Pin, pattern and fingerprint. There are many customization options supported and you can easily disable the app using the MasterSwitch. You can hide apps, use a fake crash feature and more.


FingerSecurity by Rick Clephas is a fantastic app locker that offers a great set of features and reliable performance. You can lock apps with fingerprint and use advanced protection functionality to ensure that certain apps and their data are not available in the recent screen. You can also prevent uninstalls and set a delay when re-locking the apps. It is also possible to theme the fingerprint indicator and other customization options. To get additional features such as the possibility to set safe location and identify those who try to access your phone’s data without authorization, you will need to upgrade to the premium version of the app.

App Lock: Fingerprint Password

If you are looking for the most simple solution, this app locker by KeepSafe is just what you need. It has a user-friendly interface and offers the possibility of lcoking your apps using a pattern, a pin or fingerprint. You can set delay when the apps are re-locked and it is also possible to protect the app from uninstall attempts. You can also disable the app for a few hours if needed. The free version features ads, but you can get rid of them through in-app purchases. It is easy to use and works well.

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