Los mejores temas CM13 para personalizar tu experiencia CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod is without a doubt, a highly popular custom ROM for Android thanks to its selection of features that include support for themes. CyanogenMod themes are implemented across the system and they enhance all the elements of the interface, whether it is the status bar, the notifications, fonts, the navigation bar, icons, as well as boot animations. It is possible to find many options when it comes to CyanogenMod themes, but not all of them are worth considering. In addition, some themes can’t support the latest CM13 release. However, you won’t have to worry about going through all the options available because in this list, you will find the best CM13 themes for you.


Lone CM13 Theme

Kikkos has created an amazing CM theme that offers an interface that features a beautiful combination of Red & White or Red & Black. Lone uses Red across the user interface and it offers different customization options. The icons and widgets are amazing and you can ensure that everything looks amazing. Lone is available for free and it is definitely worth a try.

Material Glass

Material Glass

For those who prefer transparent interface elements, Material Glass is definitely worth checking. It ensures that everything is transparent so you will be see the wallpaper from the homescreen in every app and interface. With Material Glass, it is possible to set any wallpaper you want and it will become a part of every page in the operating system.

Swift Dark

Swift Dark CM13 Theme

This is a very popular dark theme for CM13 and it offers a great balance between Black and colorful elements in the operating system, which creates a gorgeous interface. Swift Dark is regularly updated and it themes the majority of popular apps available, with new options being added with every update. One thing to keep in mind is that Swift Dark is a not a free theme. You need to pay around $1.60 for it.


Coarfield CM13 theme

Coarfield adds a unique touch to system elements and it also themes multiple third party apps. The best thing about Coarfield is that it offers a varied selection of themes, which means that if you want to personalize your device’s interface and make it stand out, Coarfield is the right choice as it comes with many options for the majority of user interface elements. Coarfiled is available for $0.99.


Flux CyanogenMod theme

If you are not sure if you should go for a dark or a light theme, check out Flux, an option that offers both versions. With Flux, you can add an innovative design to CyanogenMod. It themes the most popular apps and it features amazing graphics and sleek looks. It is available for around $1.40.

Flux CyanogenMod theme

Dark themes are loved by many and PitchBlack is one of the favorite options in this category. The majority of dark CM themes focus on grey as the interface’s primary color, but PitchBlack is fully dark with Black all over the interface. The advantage is that the developer has ensured that the Black elements don’t affect your experience while reading a text. There is a free version that has a Black and Red appearance across the OS and it looks great. You can get additional color combinations such as Black & Cyan, Black & Emerald and more, via in-app purchases.


Euphoria Cyanogenmod Theme

If you like the Euphoria OS custom ROM, the Euphoria theme is the right solution for you. Although it looks like a standard dark mod for CyanogenMod, Euphoria stands out thanks to the fact that it themes only specific elements, bringing a more elegant appearance. On top of that, the fonts are beautiful. You can donate to support the developers of this theme.


MaterialUp cm13

MaterialUp us based on Google’s Material Design User Interface language and adds additional details to every UI element and to the majority of third party apps. MaterialUp goes beyond what Google has implemented done so far. It even has bottom action buttons, which Google hasn’t implemented yet. MaterialUp offers a comprehensive Material Design Theme experience and you can get it for $1.16.

Deep Darkness


Originally created for BlissPop custom ROM, Deep Darkness also enjoys a lot of popularity and it is now used on all CM devices. Apart from offering beautiful design, Deep Darkness has layers for over 200 apps as well as more than 1600 app icons. In addition, it offers support for multiple color schemes through Arcus.


forto cyanogenmod theme

If you want a colorful theme, Forto is the one for you. This CM theme is available in pretty much all the colors you can think of in the interface and it adds an edgy, vibrant appearance. The developers have also ensured that only the right amount of color is used, so the experience is not overwhelming. It is a stylish theme that stands apart from other colored themes out there. You can get it for $1.64.

CM13/12.x Ubuntu Light Theme

Ubuntu Light Theme

Created by WSTeams, Ubuntu Light Theme recreates the Ubuntu Mobile OS experience on your CM device. Orange is the predominant color of this theme and it also comes with icons, keyboard and features that are part of Ubuntu OS. Although some users report some performance issues, the developers seem to be constantly working to update the theme and offer the best possible experience. You can get this theme for less than $1.40.

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