Best Makeup Apps for iOS

Have you ever taken a photo of a special occasion, only to realize afterwards that you don’t look very good in it? We all have photos that we are not happy about, but instead of deleting them, we can improve them with the help of some practical apps. With the best makeup apps, you can turn that bad photo that you are trying to hide, into an image that you will happily share on Facebook or other social media platforms. The apps that we present in this list allow you to improve the appearance of your photos with special effects. You can change your hair style, add makeup and make you and everyone else in the photo, look their best. Thanks to these apps, you don’t need to use Photoshop or be a makeup expert to look great in every photo. Here are the practical makeup apps that let iOS users transform, even their worse photos into beautiful snaps.


MakeUp is a simple and free solution to improve the way you look in your photographs. If you didn’t have time to apply any makeup and feel that a photo would look significantly better if you had a bit of lipstick or mascara on, this app by Modiface is the solution. MakeUp is a fantastic makeup simulation app that lets you add effects like lipstick, foundation, mascara and eye shadows. It is like having a digital makeup bag that helps you to give your photos an instant makeover. The app is also a practical way to checks how would you look with different makeup styles. MakeUp features a great selection of features that allow you to have fun trying a variety of options.

Perfect 365

Millions of users around the globe have downloaded Perfect 365 and it is easy to see why this app created by ArcSoft is so popular. This free app allows you to see how would you look like with different styles. It is a simple, yet-rich featured virtual makeup solution that offers a wide variety of hairstyles, fashion advice and makeup options created by industry experts and artists. The selection of beauty tools will allow you to try multiple looks and there are pre-set styles that transform you with just one tap. Perfect 365 also offers makeup tutorials, beauty tips and recommendations about the best products available on the market. You can share your new looks with your friends on Facebook, or with your followers on Instagram and Twitter.

YouCam Makeup

With YouCam Makeup you can look stunning in every photo. It features an extensive list of tools that will give you a makeover within minutes. You can get a new hairstyle, try different makeup styles and use a variety of beauty products to look radiant in real-time camera and when you take a selfie. There are many products available so you can try multiple options and find a style for every occasion. The app also comes with useful makeup tutorials, beauty trends and tips to make sure that you look great on and off camera. YouCam Makeup offers everything you need to highlight your eyes, make your hair look gorgeous, get perfect eyebrows and much more. It is available for free.


Facetune by Lightricks offers all the features that you need to enhance your photos without hassle. It is a powerful photo editing solution that helps you to obtain the professional results that you would expect from more expensive software. With Facetune, you can retouch photos and make portraits and selfies look perfect. The app gives you impressive tools to transform your photos into works of art and allows you to look like a Hollywood star. With the features supported by Facetune, you can retouch photos to refine your smile, get flawless skin and make sure that your hair looks amazing, even if you were having a bad hair day when the photo was taken. Just like Fashion photographers use Photoshop and advanced options to get perfect shots, you can rely on Facetune to improve the images captured with your iPhone. It is available for $3.99.

Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder works like a magical tool that transforms your photos. It offers a wide variety of filters and effects that will beautify your images and ensure that you always look your best. The editing tools allow you to crop and rotate your pictures. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation to get the results that you want. Photo Wonder supports many options to improve the appearance of people in a photograph, including makeup effects. You can download it for free.


Camera360 by PinGuo is one of the most popular photo editors in the App Store. It is a powerful solution to edit your photographs as it features an extensive selection of filters and effects that will help you to get the best out of your images. Camera360 also comes with fun stickers that will help you to make your photos truly unique. It is very easy to use and you can join an active community of users from around the globe. You can download the app for free.


If you are obsessed about getting beautiful hair and the perfect style for you, this app is what you need. This free hairstyle will give you a lot of inspiration since it features the latest trends from around the world. It also allows you to find the best hairstylists near you, and it offers a list of places where you can find the hair products that will help you to get beautiful and healthy hair. Bangstyle is a convenient app for hairstylists and customers alike, and you can get it for free.


Beautylish offers all the beauty essentials to make sure that you look great, not only in your photos but also in real life. It features the latest trends, styles, tips, reviews of makeup products, video tutorials and more. You can learn to create unique styles and get inspiration from looks created by professional makeup artists and hairstylists. There are also forums where you can get useful advice on skin care, beauty trends and new products.

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