Best Stop Motion Software

Stop motion animation is captivating and although it requires a lot of effort and time, the results can be amazing. Classics like The Nightmare before Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Corpse Bride, Wallace & Gromit and Alice, are some of the examples of what can be done with this technique. Stop motion involves moving objects (usually puppets or clay figures, etc) in small increments between individually captured frames. When all the images captured by the camera are put together and played in a continuous manner, the illusion of movement is created. Stop animation movies can also be created using common objects or toys, and you can make your own film with some basic equipment.

You just need a computer, a digital camera and software to create short clips using the stop-motion animation technique. We have created a list of the best programs that will help you to create stop-motion videos. Some of them are designed to offer basic features, but they would be a good solution for users who want simplicity. If you are after advanced functionality, you will also find suitable options here. You can even find applications that support 3D. With the below software, you will be able to shoot, edit and complete a stop-motion animation short or a movie.


If you are looking for ease of use, consider Zu3D a software that is specially designed for children, although it is also perfect for adults that are just getting started. You can create full movies and get familiar with animation techniques. It is great for beginners and anyone who wants to create stop-motion animation in an easy and affordable way.


qStopMotion allows you to create stop-motion animation movies. If you have a rich imagination and have a great idea that you want to bring to life, qStopMotions is a practical solution since it is easy to use and free. With the latest version of the program, you can get better camera control and many useful features.


If you want to use the same technology that helped to create popular movies and shows like Frankenweenie, BoxTrolls and Shaun the Sheep, you need to get Dragonframe. This fantastic software works with Mac and Windows and it is the leading solution for stop motion animation. Although it is more expensive than other programs, it is the best choice if you want to create professional movies.


AnimatorHD allows you to create stop-motion animation and it can also be used as a previsualization tool in film production. The software is compatible with Windows and it offers advanced features such as support for 3D stop-motion animation, movie samples and more. It is a high quality software that offers versatility.

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro is an option that focuses on offering professional level stop motion animation for a reasonable price. It supports options like pixillation, cut out animation, clay animation and more. If you need advanced options to create a high quality production, this is a good solution.


This software is ideal for creating claymation and LEGO stop motion movies using your Windows computer. It offers advanced technology and it can be suitable for both beginners and professionals. You can get learn animation techniques and create amazing shorts or movies with the help of this fantastic software.


Mac users can rely on this software to create stop motion movies that can be exported to QuickTime. The images can be captured using a webcam or cameras connected to your computer. FrameByFrame integrates iSight cameras system and it is very easy to use.


MonkeyJam works with multiple platforms and it supports a variety of functions. You can capture images using a webcam, or any camcorder. You can also scan the images or use images that you already have in your computer. With MonekyJam, you can start creating your own animations within minutes.


Frames is compatible with multiple platforms and it is an amazing option to create stop motion, clay animation, cut-paper animations and much more. It combines tools for stop-motion and illustration. Frames is perfect for beginners due to its ease of use, but it also will suit professionals who need advanced features.

CellSoft Take5

CellSoft Take5 is affordable, simple and effective. You will be able to create stop motion animation wonders for different purposes. The tool is great for beginners thanks to its ease of use, but it will also work well for anyone who needs to create professional animation for commercial purposes. WIth CellSoft Take5, every step of the process is simple and fun.


iStopMotion by Boinx is a convenient solution to create stop motion animation and time lapse videos on Mac. The software supports digital cameras that are ideal for stop motion animation, including Canon DSLR and Nikon models.

Stop Motion Animator

When you are only getting started with stop motion, you need a program that makes things easy and that helps you to get comfortable as you learn about the animation process. Stop Motion Animator focuses on simplicity and it allows you to create stop motion animation sequences using a webcam, analog video camera or a digital video camera.


This cross-platform stop-motion animation tool is set to help you to create fantastic animations. With StopMojo, you can capture images using a wide range of cameras and devices that can capture video. You can get a quick preview of the captured images. Once your stop-motion animation movie is finished, you can export it to QuickTime or AVI.

Linux Stopmotion

Linux users can also create their own stop motion animation and claymation animation movies. Since Linux Stopmotion is open source, it gives you the possibility of changing the code to add the functionality that you want. It helps you with every step of the animation process. It is flexible and simple.

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